I would not have thought that collapsing out of exhaustion would save my life. But I'm tired. I've been standing up for too long, pushing down upon the demanding surface of this planet with all my might. And so, I find it a relief to let my legs collapse as the beast comes flying for my chest with extended claws. With my feet not being underneath me any longer, I fall so fast that I'm flattened against the ground just in time to watch the beast go soaring overhead.

It lands a few feet away in a scitter of feet, flattens into the ground like a ball of flubber, and rebounds into the air. But by this time I have rolled onto my knees and found my bare skin against the polished surface of a shard of glass. I stare momentarily down into the split reflection of my wild eyes, and then realize that such a close call with the sharp edges of the glass is telling me something of importance.

This creature has a tremendous advantage over me on his home planet, and so it is a good thing that I meet him here in a place that I too know quite well. I know buildings, I know wood, I know glass. And I know all about forces in architecture.  And I know about leverage. The correct leverage applied in the correct place can get a job done efficiently and effectively.

As the creature lunges for me one more time, I hurdle a shard of glass at him as if I was throwing a bowling ball. The glass makes impact and shatters in mid-air against the flat skull of the beast, but I don't hang around to judge the result. I move with quick, powerful lunges around the crumbling wall where I push with all my might. The creature is slowly picking itself up in the wreck of glass at the base of the wall, and I'm on the other side, attempting to push the tower of bricks over. I only need to get a small angle on the wall and gravity should do the rest of the work.

But as I dig my heels into the ground, I discover that gravity has other plans. And with a sudden yelp, I fall like a rock straight through the floor and into darkness.

The End

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