Chapter Five. Jade.

Ever since that night at the club, my life has been turned upside down. And I mean upside down. And back to front. I mean, sleeping all day? Totally cliché. But at the same time, new and exciting. Because I didn't feel like just Jade anymore. Boring old Jade who fed from animals and pretended to be human. No. I was a new person entirely. I was Jade, the vampire who slept all day and stalked her prey during the night. Jade who had a totally amazing new look. Jade who had a gorgeous red-headed vampire boyfriend. His name is Viktor. He's the reason I changed. He's what chased Boring Jade away and welcomed New Jade to the gang. He's the one I couldn't take my eyes off of that night at the club.

My new way of life was already routine. I'd settled into it within the two weeks that I'd been with Viktor and the gang. The gang consists of vampires, obviously. And no boring vampires that feed from animals. We all live together, in this old underground place that has been completely pimped out. We all have bedrooms. Well, me and Viktor share. So do Kiki and James. And Jasmine and Roxxi. They're lesbians.

Kiki is tall, and really cat-like. She walks with a sort of proud air about her and when she hunts, she pounces like a cat upon her prey. Her fiance, James, is average height, and his shocking blonde hair makes him easy to pick out from a crowd, especially since he put the electric blue streak through his fringe. His hair is long, but not insanely long. It hangs just above his shoulders and it's always straight. Even if he comes out of a pretty messy kill, his hair is perfect. Jasmine has firey auburn hair that hangs around her waist. Her eyes always appear to be a different colour, one minute they're blue, and when you look over at her again they're indigo. Roxxi's appearance changes every week. The week I met her, her hair was fire-truck red. This week's colour is violet. She always has it cut around about shoulder length. Roxxi's the smallest of us all, but she's cute. She reminds me of pixies and fairies because of the grace with which she walks.

There are others, but some prefer to go solo, others stay in groups like us.

Viktor is so different to Jordan in so many ways. Jordan was really clingy, but Viktor gives me space when I need it and he doesn't simper around at my elbow all the time. I haven't thought much about Jordan since I left. I don't want to. I want to forget every aspect of my old life except my parents, and I want to start again.

My new haircut looks good. Roxxi helped me choose it. It's just below shoulder length now, and has choppy layers. It's kind of a shame that Roxxi and I snatched the hairdresser when she was on her lunch break. She should know better than to disappear down alleyways alone though. Really. It was too easy. Roxxi just casually sauntered up to her, was like "Hey, are you lesbian?" When the hairdresser replied no, Roxxi just said, "Shame." and made the tiniest gesture to me. That was my cue to leap down from the window sill I had been perched on and land square on her back. She didn't have a chance to scream, because the second we made contact, I broke her neck. I twisted it. Only half way round, not all the way. I wanted to watch the life fade from her before I fed. Just for the thrill. Cruel? Yes. Fun? Yes. Inhumane? I'm not human anyway.

Life was just so exciting and fresh now.

But how long before Jordan came searching?

The End

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