Chapter Four. Jordan.

Jade abandoned me. Sort of. Well, I abandoned her. Whichever way you want to look at it. We were at the club with Oli, Emily and Jasmine, when three vampires, human eating vampires, turned up. I went with my initial instinct. Leg it. I got Jade to the fire exit and we ran into two more vampires. Jade stood there for 10 minutes just staring at the red-head vamp. I left her to it and legged it.
When I got home, she wasn't there. I stayed there all weekend, waiting for her to show. She didn't. I skipped college on Monday in the hope she might come home, but she never did. She wasn't at college Tuesday, or Wednesday. It was as if she had disappeared. I got worried, tried calling her mobile, but it was switched off. I went out looking for her a couple of times, but I never found her. I found old, faded trails of her scent, but they were a week or two old.
I just couldn't get my head around it. Where had she gone? Who with? And most of all, why? I didn't find the answers to these questions anytime soon. I lost track of the time that passed me sitting motionless on the sofa, waiting in vain for Jade to come back to me.
It must have been a couple of weeks after Jade left that I heard a knock on the door.
The sound startled me and I ran to the door as fast as I could. When I opened it, it wasn't who I'd been hoping. Jade wasn't standing there, emerald eyes gleaming. I didn't hear the words I had been hoping for. "Sorry I've been away Jordan, I missed you. I love you." Instead the face I saw was that of Oli.
"Hey I was just wondering if you're ok? And Jade? Because like, you haven't been at college for weeks," He said, looking at me with a mix of suspicion and curiosity in his eyes. I wasn't comfortable with him prying like this.
"Jade is ill," I said, voice as cold as stone and a little croaky too. It didn't sound like my own.
"Oh. Well, do you think I could see her? And you sound a bit ill yourself," Oli said.
"I'm... Yeah. I think I caught it off Jade. And no you can't see her. She's in bed. Resting," I told him. How I wished she was upstairs in bed right now. I wished she was here with me. I missed her so much.
"Oh. Well uhh... Ok I'll see you later..." He said hesitating before walking down the path. I couldn't help sifting through his thoughts. That's when I heard it.
"He's lying. I just know it. She's not ill. Maybe he killed her? Or maybe... Maybe she's walked out? Moved?"

He turned around when he reached the path to wave. I couldn't contain the growl that escaped my lips. He looked at me oddly, at first confused, but then things began to click together in his mind. Pictures flashed through his thoughts. Mine and Jade's eyes, black with hunger, our untouched food in the cafeteria, our reaction at the club, and... Jade. Staring at that red-headed vampire. He'd followed us at the club. But why? I was distracted from that by the next picture that flashed through his mind. Jade and that red-head, hand in hand in a forest. I ran, faster than I ever had, up the path and grabbed him by his shirt.
"You know where Jade is!" I hissed. It wasn't a question.
"What? How did you..." he stammered.
"In." I growled, dragging him towards the door. If he knew where she was, I would get it out of him. I threw him down onto the sofa.
"Skip any bullshit. Where's Jade? I know you know. You saw her with the va- the guy with the red hair..." I said.
"I... She... I saw them in the forest. I followed her when she left with him. Please don't hurt me," Oli whimpered.
"Where in the forest you idiot!"
"I... I don't know, I don't know! They followed the main path, then went off the track through the trees to the left and carried on for like... 10 minutes or something..."
He wasn't lying, I could tell that much. But why would Jade disappear into the woods with some guy? A filthy, human-eating vampire. Something wasn't right. Was she still in the forest somewhere? Had she seen Lauren? Mum, I thought, is she ok? So many questions and no answers...

How had things changed so quickly?

The End

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