Chapter Three. Jade.

Me and Jordan set off for college at about 8am after the most amazing night ever. We'd just lay there, cuddling until the break of dawn.
As we walked hand in hand, Jordan made a suggestion that shocked me.
"Hey, seeing as we've been around each other so much lately, I was thinking..." He started.
"Go on..." I prompted him.
"Well, don't you get lonely, at home on your own?"
"Not really, I've got Athena," I said. Did he want to move in with me?
"Yes, I would like to. If you want me to that is," he said, looking away from me.
"Of course I do, but what about-"
"Lauren?" He finished my sentence, "She'll understand. Trust me. She might even be happy about it, not having me mope about. She knows there's been something going on between us for a while now."
"Then ok, sure. But only on one condition!" I told him.
"What?! No football?" Sometimes his mind-reading gift was annoying. Especially as he seemed so closely tuned into me lately.
I met his gaze and he agreed.
"Ok, no football. Doesn't count if you're not there though, does it?" He asked, trying to find a way around it.
"As long as I don't see or hear it," I said.
When we arrived at our class, our tutor told us we'd be working outside today. We went back down to the field, where the rest of our group was waiting.
When our tutor joined us with the last of the group, he set us an assignment - to sketch the misty field in front of us. I finished my sketch long before Jordan, so I sat and watched him work. His expression was made up of pure concentration.
After college Jordan walked me to mine, then went back to his to talk through the moving thing with his family.
The next day on the way to collegeJordan and I were walking side by side when someone called my name from behind us.  I turned to see a guy from our course walking with a girl I also recognised.
"Hey, you're Oli right?" I said, even though  I already knew the answer.
"Yeah that's me," He said cheerily.
"And you're... Emily?" I said, guessing at the girl's name.
"Yeah," The smaller girl said timidly.
"Cool," I smiled. I genuinley liked this girl. Except the fact that she was human, obviously.
We walked together to college, stopping at a coffee shop on the wayso Emily could go get herself a latte or something.
After college, Oli invited us to go clubbing with him, Emily and Emily's friend, Jasmine.
"As much as we'd love to-" I started.
"Sure," Jordan interrupted me.
"What?!" I hissed so quiet only he would have heard me.
"Cool, we'll pick you up from yours at 7.30?" Oli said.
"Okay," Jordan agreed.
As soon as we got inside I rounded on Jordan.
"A club. Full of humans. Why in the name of hell did you say yes?!" I almost shrieked at him.
"I just thought it would be fun, you know, an experience," He said, looking slightly guilty.
"Fun. Fun?!" I was fuming.  "Their scent will be everywhere! What if I snap? What if I attack someone? What if I can't stop? What if-"
"Enough Jade, you're overreacting,"
"Okay okay stop stressing!" He said calmly.
Athena trotted in and gave us both a filthy look before bounding up the stairs.
"Athena's pissed at you," He said, nodding at the stairs. That made me laugh. Jeez. Always the clown.
"Well... I suppose I could try the clubbing thing..." I said to Jordan. He hugged me tight.
"Good," he said.
At 7.30pm on the dot, Oli, Emily and Jasmine appeared on the doorstep. We all set off together and headed for town. Oli was on some sort of guest list at the club we went to, so we all got in. The smell of the living hit me so hard it made me dizzy. I held my breath and smiled at Emily. She smiled back. We worked our way through the crowd to the dancefloor. The pulse of the music ran through my body as we danced in a tight circle. The strobe lights flashed off of Jasmine's violet hair as she danced with Emily, laughing all the while.
"You okay?" Jordan whispered in my ear.
"Fine," I nodded at him. Out of habit, I took a breath of air. It was then that I smelled it, and Jordan did too. Above the scent of sweat, alcohol and humans was the distinct scent of vampire. My head snapped round and surveyed the room. They were at the door. Three of them, and from the smell of it, they'd been hunting. And not the way me and Jordan hunt either. They'd been eating people.
At the same time as I acknowledged the impossibly perfect vampire at the door, she sensed me too. Her beautiful scarlet eyes narrowed as she took in me and Jordan.
Jordan leaned over to Oli to shout something about having to leave. I wasn't listening, I was focusing on the three vampires at the door. Jordan took my hand and led me to the corridor where the toilets were. At the end of the corridor was a fire exit, the light above it buzzing and flickering. Jordan looked around before shoving it open and leading me outside. Right into two more vampires. They had the place surrounded. As I took in their faces, I gasped. He had the most handsome face I had ever seen. Even more so than Jordan. His cheekbones were high under his crimson eyes, his nose perfectly straight and long, but not pointy. His hair was a dark red colour, long and wavy, coming down to about his shoulders. It was raining outside and his hair clung together in wavy strands. He turned his head to look at me and all I could do was stare. Jordan must have been digging about in my head then, because he grabbed my arm in a vice-like grip that would have hurt, had I been able to feel it, and pulled me towards the end of the alley we stood in. I didn't budge. The handsome vampire was now staring at me too, an expression that was a cross between amusement and curiosity on his face. Jordan pulled again and still I wouldn't move.
"Jade," he hissed, so low that only I could hear, "Let's go, it's not safe here. We don't want to get caught up in this!"
I still didn't move though, fixated on this impossibly handsome, and really quite beautiful man in front of me.
"I'll leave you behind," he threatened.
I didn't respond, causing Jordan to tug on my arm with all his strength. I stumbled a few steps toward him, then turning to growl at him, thinking as hard as I could about how he was pissing me off.
"Fine!" he yelled, letting go of me and bolting toward home.
The handsome vampire tilted his head to one side.
"Why?" he asked me in the most beautiful, deep voice. I stood there for a full second, thinking about my answer.
"Because I was... Curious," I replied.
"About...?" he probed.
"Your lifestyle," It was true as well. Having drank animal blood for my whole life, with the occasional bit of human food, I wondered what it was like to devour one of those beautiful-smelling humans.
"Well, why not try it?"
I was taken aback a little by this idea. I thought about it for a moment.  I could change the lifestyle that I'd had for all my life, that my parents chose for themselves.
Could I do it?

The End

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