Chapter Two. Jordan.

Jade. I had a sort of... Well, daydream about her last night. She was running through the forest, terror filled her eyes and it filled her screams. She was running as fast as she could, which was fast. She was scared. But of what? Or who? Why were her clothes shredded and her hair matted? I shook my head and told myself it was just a dream. I don't sleep, therefore I only daydream when my mind goes into a sort of hibernation mode.
I walked to Jade's at 8am. She was ready when I got there, sitting on the doorstep stroking Athena. I liked cats, and cats liked me too.
Jade looked up at me.
"Ready for another day filled with the yummy scent of human?" She smiled. Her smile. It stunned me. "Of course," I smiled back, "good thing we have such good self control huh?"
"Yep," She said and stood up. I took her outstretched hand and we walked to college.
The day was pretty uneventfull if I'm honest. We did some work on shading, while my nostrils inhaled the pure, beautiful scent of humans. If I hadn't have been so used to the smell, I would have all sorts of ideas rushing through my head. Mustn't think about that, I scolded myself mentally. Jade unfortunately, has a little less self-control than me. We were using craft knives the other day, and some clumsy bugger cut their finger. Jade rushed out of the room, nose and mouth covered, telling our tutor she felt very ill. I found her later on the field, crouching in the corner, backed against the fence.

"Hey," I said softly. Her head snapped round and she relaxed a little when she saw me.
"I'm thirsty," She hissed.
Thirsty in a college full of humans. Oh great.
"Tell you what, lets go home. I'll go to reception and tell them you've got a stomach bug and I might have caught it too. Then we'll go to the forest over the other side of town and hunt. How does that sound?"
"Good," She whispered and straightened up to follow me to reception.
When we reached the forest Jade ran off alone. She never liked hunting with people, she didn't like people to watch her eat. I found that quite funny really. I guess she has a fairly dominant human side sometimes.
Well, I thought, may as well hunt while I'm here.
I let my little thirst take control and my senses sharpened. I could smell everything. The trees, the dew on the grass, every tiny flower, and not far away I could smell deer.
I silently made my way to where the deer was laying. I crept up behind it and pounced. It looked terrified as I hovered my mouth above it's throat. I plunged my teeth in and ripped at the flesh, sucking the blood out until it's body lay limp. Lifeless. Bloodless.
One deer was enough to saturate the thirst that had been slowly growing.
I sat on a log near the entrance to the forest and waited for Jade to finish her hunting.
When she did finish, we made our way to a little stream, deep in the forest, where we sat side by side, dangling our feet in the cool water. I listened hard and I could hear Jade's slow, calm breathing. We don't need to breathe, us vampires. It's not essential to our way of life, but if, like Jade and I and our families, you lived among humans, it became a habit. Something to make you look normal I suppose. You don't realise you're doing it really.
"It's relaxing, sitting here with you," her voice burst my bubble of thought.
"Yeah. Yeah it is," I replied.
Jade giggled and leaned towards me, resting her head on my shoulder. I stroked her hair absent-mindedly while listening to the bubbling sound of the stream.
Jade moved her head and looked at me, studying me for a while, then she wrapped her hands around my neck and shifted so her whole body was closer and facing me. "I love you," she whispered.
"I love you too," I whispered back.
It was then that she moved her face closer to mine and kissed me. A strong, meaningful kiss. Her soft lips were against mine, and that's all I could feel or think about.
By the time we had walked back to Jade's it was dark.
"You want to stay here tonight?" She asked me.
"Sure," I smiled.
That night we lay side by side in her king size bed. She snuggled into me and we lay like that untill the sun rose.
All I could think was
How did I get so lucky?

The End

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