Chapter One. Jade.

Jordan followed me again last night. I wish he wouldn't. It would be nice to go and think, to remember, next to the lake by myself. But no. He annoys the hell out of me, but I guess you could say I love him. He doesn't know that, of course. He loves me too. It's so obvious. He doesn't even care who knows.
Problem is, whenever I want time alone, along he comes. He's always totally silent untill he's right behind me, then he'll make some sort of noise to make me jumpand flick my brain to 'defensive mode'.

I walked down the dirt track that led to Jordan's 'house'.
Jordan and his family live in a cave, but it is admittedly quite cosy. The door to the cave is made from oak from the surrounding trees. The cave is about a fifteen minute walk from the lake.
The interior of the cave was comfortable. The walls were lined  with fur. There were antique paintings and photographs on the walls, and each dead end tunnel that lead off of the main one was covered at the entrance by unique pieces of fabric. These tunnels were used as bedrooms. Even though none of the family slept, it was nice to have somewhere that belonged to you to keep your possesions and such. Somewhere to sit and relax.
I reached the oak door and Jordan's mum, Lauren, was already outside. She'd heard me coming. She told me Jordan was in his room.
I walked through the lounge and pushed aside the dark blue, sparkling cloth that separated Jordan's room from the lounge. I went in and gave my eyes a second to adjust to the darkness . Once they did, I could see just as clearly as I could anywhere else.
Jordan was sat on his bed with a photograph in his hands. It was of his 13th birthday, with his real family surrounding him, all smiling and laughing.
"No more birthdays," he said, smiling a little.
"And no more moping. We've been accepted into that college in town," I told him, "which means it's time to go."
"Sometimes I really don't like you much, Jade."
"I love me too."
I gave Jordan the bag I'd packed for him and we set off through the woods.
It was then that I had the overwhelming urge to tell him how I really felt about him. Whenever I get those urges, I know I have to do it.
"You know Jordan, there's something that's been on my mind for a while now," I told him.
"Oh really?" he said, raising an eyebrow.
"Don't tell me you already know what I'm going to say..."
"Well, put it this way, I love you too."
"You know, that is really annoying."
Jordan laughed at that.
Jordan always had some sort of way of knowing what you were going to tell him.
We stopped next to the lake for a break, even though both of us could walk around the world and not be tired.
I rested my head on his shoulder as we stood, looking out across the lake. We stood there for a few minutes until Jordan said we should go, after all college wouldn't wait for us.
As we walked side by side through the dense forest, my hand brushed against his and he took hold of it. And so we walked to college hand in hand.

I signed me and Jordan up for an art course. It was quite fun actually. Mind you, the smell of human was overbearing. I was glad when we were out in the open once the day was finished.
"Did you get a wiff of that?" Jordan said, laughing.
"How could you not," I smiled.
"If I'm honest with you, it made me quite thirsty," He said giving me a sideways look as we walked in the direction of my place.
No matter how many times Lauren offered me a room, I always turned it down for the house that I'd lived in all my "life".
I say "life" because I'm not really alive. As I was born of two vampires, I will grow to the age of 18, but after that I will be forever 18. Some people's dream. But imagine living forever. It's not all fun and games. You get to live through every war, every depression, every king and queen the country has. It can't be fun. My mother used to tell me stories of the first world war, the eighties peace movement, even as far back as the industrialisation of Britain. She was turned to a vampire when she was working in a cotton mill. Little had she known one of her colleagues was a vampire. Mum was suffering from the same as a lot of her workmates. Suffocation. The cotton particles floating in the air got into the workers' lungs, therefore suffocating them as they breathed them in day after day. Mum had made a friend with a vampire called Victoria. Mum was on the brink of death when Victoria had saved her. And so mum lived on through years and years and she met another vampire, a man called Paul and on February 29th 1992, they had me. On my 16th birthday, they died. We had been sitting with Jordan's family, chatting and laughing next to the lake, when a clan of vampires from god knows where attacked. They said they were avenging some death or another, and they took my parents, and lit a fire. My mum and dad burned before my eyes. They never got the chance to tell me whose death was being avenged, no chance to say goodbye.

When Jordan and I reached my place he said something about having to get home as soon as possible, kissed me on the cheek and left.
I turned my key in the lock and opened the door. As usual, Athena rushed toward me meowing the second I got through the door. Athena was my cat, mainly black but with both left legs white. Mum loved cats, we used to have two, but the older one, Artemis died when I was 15.
Mum named them both after Greek gods. She loved all the Greek mythology stuff. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, wild things, and the moon. She was protector of the young. Mum had liked the fact that she was goddess of the hunt. We all used to hunt together, me, mum and dad. Athena was the goddess of war. Mum called her Athena because she was a strong cat. She often scared  away the other local cats, always defended her territory.
I went to the living room and flopped onto the settee. After sitting there for about five minutes I decided to get my college sketchbook out and start some artwork.
I stared at the blank page in front of me for a while, savouring it's freshness. I put my pencil to the paper and started to draw, although I had no idea what I would draw. I'd always liked art.
When I finished, it was a monstous creature that stared out at me from the page, with a dog hanging limply from it's mouth.
"Funny," I thought. "Much like me. A monstrous creature."
I always thought of myself as a monstrous creature. I fed on the blood of innocent animals, so I must be a twisted disgusting creature.

Who knew disgusting creatures could feel love?

The End

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