Contemptuous Hearts

The wind howled through the trees and Jade's hair whipped against her face. The water in front of her was black in the darkness of the surrounding forest. She heard a branch crack behind her and she instinctively moved into a defensive crouching position.
"Whoa there tiger, only me," came the voice from the darkness.
"Jordan!" she hissed, eyes flashing, "You... Grrr! What did I tell you about following me out here?"
"Uhhh Privacy blah blah blah, rude blah blah blah, rip your throat out if you do it again" he mimicked, "but was I supposed to let you grieve out here on your own? Let the guilt take over? Let you go burn yourself? No. No way."
"What do you mean, grieve?" She growled, her perfect face betraying a hint of  sadness.

"You know what I mean. This is where they died. Where they were thrown onto a bonfire like Guy Fawkes."
Jade narrowed her eyes.
"You dare ever speak like that about my family again and you'll be the one on a bonfire."
"I'd prefer a stake through the heart, more ironic," he said, winking.
"Might I suggest you get lost? Go home, its dark. Your mother will worry."
"Jade, I dont sleep, I dont eat, and I can defend myself so very well. She hasnt got a thing to worry about."
Jade raised one eyebrow and stood up straight.
"Well, so can I," she said, flexing the beasts of muscles that hid beneath her perfect snowy skin and shapely arms.
"I know," He said, winking.
"Shut up you flirt," she mumbled, a ghost  of a smile playing about her lips. Jade was in fact perfect in Jordans point of view. Her pale skin was flawless, her lips a pale pink, her eyes piercing green. That was why her mother and father had called her Jade. Her jade-green eyes.
Jades parents had been killed by enemies, who had been passing through and decided to wreak havoc amongst the locals. Thing is, theres only a few ways to kill them. Vampires. Thats what Jade was, and her mum and dad, and Jordan and his family.
Jordan had been torn from his biological family when he was just 14. He had been hidden away, for a year and then a coven of vampires found him. They turned him into one of them, and took him as their own family.

The End

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