I came face to face with a vampire today, and I did nothing.

The better part of my life has been devoted to tracking down vampires and killing them.  Today, I finally tracked one to a diner in Texas.  He looked right at me, and I just sat there.  I had seen him knock a car off the road, I was sure this was him, but I just went back to my scrambled eggs.

I started my study of vampires when I was thirteen.  My mom had been killed, and I was anxious for the police report to come in.  They never found the killer, but they did find something that caught my attention; her body had been drained of blood, and there were two puncture wounds in the neck.  That's when I knew what had killed her, and what I must do.

Through books and the internet, I found out the habits, limitations, and strengths of vampires.  I also found out how to kill them: chop off the head, burn everything.  Garlic will do nothing, and neither will sunlight, a cross, holy water, or a wooden stake.  After learning what should be done, I put it into action.  As soon as I bought my first house, I had a furnace built in the basement.  I purchased a long, sharp blade and a flamethrower.  Tracking the bloodsuckers down wasn't easy, but I had managed to get rid of quite a few.

Setting up a website for the cause was probably the biggest mistake of my adult life.  Posting my e-mail address on that website was the second biggest.  My inbox is constantly filled with conspiracy nuts warning me about certain political leaders that just have to be vampires, and maniacs talking about how the aliens told them that there would be a vampire uprising, and we should all get ready.  Of course, I also get the opposite: skeptics arguing that vampires can't possibly exist, and I'm wasting my time.  Oh, well.  I guess I should have seen it coming.

I won't leave this alone.  I'll catch that vampire when he least expects it.  This time, I'll get the job done.  That scum has to be taken out of this world, along with all his fellow creatures of the night.

The End

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