Kazuka's Farm

The blade met with little resistance. It was almost as if it'd liquefied completely around the metal as it slid downwards to meet her and pressed its body against hers as if it were a lover. Quickly she shrugged off its foul smelling corpse and wiped a heavily embroidered silk handkerchief along the blade to wipe away the concoction of congealed, undrinkable liquid.

"How the heck did it get in here?!" Barked Kazuka, looking for answers from the head of security, he looked blank "You think I'd employed a human!" She laughed as the once healthy cattle stumbled about, convulsing violently and dying all around her.

A leak apparently, a violent leak of contaminant. Evidently a recently leaked, concentrated strain of the virus as Kazuka herself had drunk from the cattle the previous evening and she hadn't died instantly as so many before her had, "Clear the halls, isolate the healthy." She instructed with despair as she pulled her silken, night hair from her collar and shook her head. She began to walk away as she was reminded of something, she turned back to her second-in-command and whispered into his ear, "Make an example of the infected," Kazuka smirked as the ape-like vampire began to grunt in approval, "the more painful you make it the better!" She made sure to say within hearing range of the other guards stood to attention like row upon row of grey-uniformed houses.

As the passion of bloodthirst washed over her vampires she turned away, licking her vicious, crimson lips and sheathing the curved sword, she stopped again and pushed up her chest, turning once more to her agitated men, "Well what're you waiting for, boys?" She chimed with a clear tone of allure, "I'm letting you off your ever so tight leashes," She groaned, putting a particularily alluring emphasis on the word "ever", "So please don't put it to waste." She smiled mischievously, bending forwards enough to give her vampires a decent view.

"Go get 'em boys." She urged gently, taking out a pistol and firing down from the guard walkways and down into the cattle, letting out a gentle, joyous moan as the sound of metal biting into bone shook the air.

The End

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