A Moral Boost

The attack was planned for midday. It wasn't that the vampires they were fighting were suceptible to daylight, Keith knew this. But, whether it was through traditional preaching or superstition, planning the attack for midday made Keith feel safer. He knew all too well what it was like to lose a friend, a family member.

Frank Pelham had been with him from the very start! They met in one of many contaminant factories, both having been rounded up by those who were supposed to protect them. Keith had killed a guard and started to lead out the non-contaminated, but it was too late for Frank. Of course, he survived, but Frank was no longer the same person. He had changed somehow and they all knew that he wouldn't carry on much longer...

Keith snapped back into reality at the sound of gunshot. He found himself sitting on a dusty concrete floor, staring deeply into his hands. He was only twenty-three, but he had the look of a fifty year old. That was a trait many of them shared. Keith smirked wryly at the thought and stood up. More gunshots. Probably nothing too serious. A few of the more eager guys would shoot at anything, given the chance!  But, when he thought about it, this was no regular fire...It was precise, in concentrated bursts, one after another. Keith Edwards picked up his rifle and headed towards the sound of the shooting.

When he got there, Keith could barely make himself heard over the deafening noise. In the courtyard (if you could call the damp, rat-infested place a courtyard) men and women were crowded around in a huddle, shouting and firing shots into the air! The centre was filled by around ten men, each taking it in turns to kick, punch, slap and beat a young vampire. He must have been caught off guard, wandering around the safehouse. As he got closer, Keith noticed two bullet holes in the abdomen of the wretched creature. The men had tied him to the wall with a chain around his neck and arms and the beating they were giving out was sure to get the better of the young vampire soon enough. 

Keith raised his rifle into the air and let off two rapid shots. Suddenly, the room around him fell silent. The men quickly retreated to give Keith a better view of their catch, but not before a few final kicks had been handed out! Now, as he got closer still, he noticed that the creature looked terrified. The more humane part of him realised that to keep an innocent person, no matter what species, captor was cruel and wrong. But, this was the enemy of his people! The killing and capture of vampires and other non-human entities was what Detox was made for, after all! Keith delivered a smooth, precise kick into the face of the creature, who moaned in pain. He pulled it up by it's hair and looked deep into the black, pleading eyes of his new victim. Keith held the vampire up, like a prize for his men and then with a final backhand across the face. the wretch fell to the floor, unconcious and montionless.

"Take him to the holding area! This man is now our hostage!" shouted Keith, to cheers and screams from his audience of willing volunteers...

The End

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