Vampires out in the open, people suffering mandatory infections with anti-vamp viruses with serious side-effects, not everyone agrees with the course of events on both sides. Vampires fighting vampires, people fighting people, vampires working with and against humans, humans with with and against vampires. In the midst of this a few people get involved in something that will decide the fates of both humans and vampires forever. And what happens after a war that both sides lose?

“We got some runners!”

“Take 'em down, soldier!” Hartigan yelled against the roar of the jeep's engine.

The staccato sound of gunfire filled the air for a second and then was quickly replaced by silence.

“Collect the bodies, apply the contaminant then let's get moving, we've got to clear this street before nightfall.”

The soldier nodded.


 * * * * *


“Frank died yesterday.”

“Jesus, what happened?”

“The contaminant. It just ate him up, he couldn't hold it off any longer.”

“Damn it. And we couldn't do anything? If we had known you could have put him on the Sheffield project.”

“We did, and we asked. He said he didn't want to die like a terrorist.”

“This isn't terrorism, this is war! We're fighting for our lives here, if our own men can't get that, than what the hell are we doing?”

“Calm down Keith, calm down.”


* * * * *


Jane took her thick, broad brush and pasted another wanted poster onto the alley wall. Keith Edwards, £50,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. She sighed, why couldn't everyone just stop fighting. This was only temporary, wasn't it? The government said that the vamps would die out in time, it'd already been five years since the vamps came out and three years of that since the contaminant had become mandatory. She didn't believe the Detox propaganda that said the government didn't know how long it would be till the vamps died out, or that they didn't even have a cure for the contaminant. That wouldn't make any sense, infecting people with an incurable, hereditary disease, that would be insane. Now, more likely was that this Detox group were vamps, or vamp sympathisers and just wanted more 'food'. Then again, maybe she was wrong, what did she know, she was just a poor student pasting posters up around town to pay for her nursing studies. They'd already got her working on probation at the local hospital, the contaminant had some very nasty side-effects and ever since the mandatory infections took place the hospitals had been swamped, they needed everyone they could get. Well, at least she was guaranteed a job.

“Hello little girl.”

Jane dropped her brush with a start and span around to see a tall, gaunt man behind her, his pasty complexion made yellow by the street lights.

“You stay away from me! I'm infected! He-” she tried to scream for help but was cut off as a hand slid across her mouth, the vampire moving so fast she could barely register it.

“Shhhhhh.” he whispered in her ear. “I have no intention of eating you. No, I'm here to give you a warning. In three days your hospital will become an abattoir. It will be my brethren that will make this come to pass, but they will be no brothers of mine. Some of us think rounding you up like cattle was a mistake, I'm one of those people. Others however feel an example needs to be made and if they can't eat you, you have no use whatsoever and should be slaughtered. You'll find my card in your pocket, I suggest you not show it to anyone lest you want to be thought a traitor. Do what you wish with this information but remember it was one of us that tried to warn you when the blood flows.”

With that she was suddenly alone and she collapsed to the floor sobbing with fear and relief. Her hand crept into her pocket and felt the unfamiliar edges of a business card. Trembling, she picked up her bucket of paste and her roll of posters and ran home as fast as she could. She had a phone call to make.


The End

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