Chapter 2: To Make Matters Worse...



Dylex could see them as he poked his head down off of the top of the run down bank.  Making sure to keep stealthy and quiet, he slowly loaded up his T-36 AR and slung his favorite weapon on his back: the T-28 12 Gauge shotgun.  “Great for close quarters...” he whispered to himself.  Careful not to make himself obvious, he quickly ran over to his squad mates.  He looked at his Sergeant, saying “Looks like you were right...a tank and 15 marines.” Sergeant Harris quickly glanced out the back window of the bank, shaking his head.  “This’ll be nothing, boys. Just do what I tell you to do, and this will be all over soon.” Dylex looked at Harris, and said “Chances are that they will probably make the tank go in first to clear the way.  If I may state my opinion sir, I believe we should get the Arc-Light Tank first.” Harris nodded his head.  “Sounds like a plan.  Did the chopper drop off anything that we needed, or did it screw us over again?” Dylex laughed for a brief moment, and then began speaking again.  “They brought us the Rockets, thankfully.” Harris nodded his head once more.  “Any word on our ammunition?” Harris said sarcastically. Dylex scuffed his feet around, noticeably trying to find a way around the subject.  After a long pause, he looked at Sergeant Harris and said “They needed to disperse the supplies evenly, so they only gave us about half of what we asked for...” Harris was in complete and utter disbelief.  “Half?  That’s it?  How am I supposed to fight a god damn war with only half of what I need?” Harris was furious, and he did a good job of making it known. Dylex, however did have some good news.  “They did have two extra mortars that weren’t needed.  They let us have those...So all in all, we have two 25 lb.  Box’s of of everything that we don’t even need...I’m sorry, sir...” Harris shook his head.  “Alright, look.  We don’t have much time. Is everything that they gave us up there on the top of the bank?” Dylex nodded his head.  “Yes you want me to go and get it?” Harris laughed.  “No, I want you to stay here and cut the power.  I’ll go get everything else.” Just then, Omega squad arrived, entering through the back entrance, being careful not to alert and of the AC troops.  Swiftly and silently, they moved up the flights of stairs, making it to the top floor just before Dylex cut the power.  A bit startled, Dylex raised his weapon.  After realizing that it was Omega, he laughed, saying “Way to go.  Take your sweet time now, alright Aaron?” The Omega squad leader shook his head, saying “Well, if it isn’t Dylex.  You doing alright?” Dylex noded his head.  “Yeah, it’s been a while man.  Anyway, I’m about to cut the power.  And since you’re here, you guys are gonna help in our little time of need...”  Aaron nodded his head, saying “Yes sir.” Dylex pointed at Aaron, saying “I want your sniper up at the top of the bank, and I want the other two marines with you to get up there and help Sgt. Harris.  Understand?” Aaron turned to his marines and said “Well, get a move on!  You got your orders!” The three marines ran up the the steps, disappearing into a sea of uncertainty. Dylex looked at Aaron, and said “I need you to come with me.  We’re going down into the Basement...there may be some hostility down there.” Aaron laughed.  “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” The two briskly headed to the hatch that led to the basement.  Very quietly, Dylex picked the lock and opened the door.  The hatch, once opened, revealed a very narrow flight of stairs. Dylex, feeling somewhat brave, decided to be the first one to go.  “Alright Aaron...follow me.” The two slowly crept down the inconveniently narrow staircase, making sure to check their corners when they reached the bottom.  Aaron made what he called a “full” screen of the basement, quickly glancing around the room so that Dylex could proceed to the power generators that rested down in the depths of the building.  Very old and rustic, they were no larger than the average size of a man.  Standing at approximately 6”, It was very easy for Dylex to begin properly disassembling them.  Suddenly, Dylex got a transmission from Sgt. Harris.  “ Get your asses back up here, we’ve got hostiles, over!” Dylex rolled his eyes, mumbling “ Great...” Dylex was about to cease the dismemberment of the power generators, but Aaron stopped him, saying “ I’ve got it.  Catch up when you can.” Dylex looked at him and said “Thanks man.  Keep them out of the bank, and especially keep them out of the basement!  This might take a minute!” Aaron rushed up the steps, and continued climbing to the top of the bank, when Sgt. Harris’ distress call was made. Dylex continued his dismantling of the generators, when he heard a noise from behind him.  He had heard what sounded like gentle foot steps.  Frozen in place almost, he there was someone behind him.  After a brief moment of silence, he wrote it off as his imagination.  He continued working until he heard it once more, this time unmistakably.  It sounded as if someone had tripped over something! Dylex immediately turned to see possibly his worst fear: An AC soldier coming straight at him with a knife.  Not having any time to reach for his weapon, he braced himself for the worst.  The soldier jumped on top of him, forcing Dylex to wrestle for his own life.  The soldier pinned Dylex to the ground, desperately trying to stab him.  Using all of the strength his body could muster, Dylex was able to hold the attackers arm at bay keeping the knife away from his throat.  While Dylex was fighting for his life, it seemed as if time had slowed down.  After what seemed like grueling hour long wrestling match, the two enemies were both significantly weakened. Dylex lay there on the floor, gasping for air, while the AC soldier mustered all of his remaining energy and charged at Dylex once again.  He was not prepared for another attack with the knife, so Dylex did the first thing that came to his mind: He charged as well.  The two marines ran at one another, putting their shoulder into the shock of the collision. Dylex, however, at the last second, crouched and shoved his shoulder into the stomach of the AC soldier, causing him to flip over him and land on his back. Dylex, in the same second, fell over a badly dislocated his shoulder.  Writing in pain, he could do almost nothing about his attacker, who was now rising to his feet, continuing his slow but horrifying walk to where Dylex was lying.  The AC soldier grabbed Dylex, lifting him off of the ground and pinning him to the wall, laughing hysterically, saying “Are you ready to die?” Dylex suddenly realized something: he still had his combat knife, attached to it’s leg holster. Dylex grabbed it, and without hesitation shoved it straight into the soldier’s chest, saying “No...the question is, are YOU ready to die?” Choking on his own blood, the AC soldier fell to the ground, gasping for air. Dylex kicked him while he was down, causing the soldier to go into shock.  Bleeding out, Dylex realized that the man his attacker was nearing his end. Dylex turned around, pulling out his pistol just incase the AC soldier made any desperate moves.  He continued working on the generators, finally able to open the hatch to the mainframe power strip.  He radioed Harris, saying “The generators are down.  Cutting the power in 15 seconds, over.” Dylex turned around, seeing the AC soldier now on his knees, gasping for air.  “You’re wasting your time...did you know that?  You can’t stop us.  Nothing can...not you, not your army, or your planet.” Dylex looked at him and scowled.  “Shut the hell up!” He said the the dying soldier.  He opened the mainframe power strip, and pulled the cords.  As the lights went down and died, Dylex looked at the dying soldier.  He pulled out his pistol, and put it to the soldier’s head.  “It’s time for you to die, buddy.” The last thing that the soldier was the barrel of Dylex’s own P-39 Side Arm.  As the lights died and the power faded away, Dylex pulled the trigger and ended the suffering of the Dying AC soldier.  Dylex radioed Harris, saying “Power out.  Basement clear.  I ran into a hostile while I was down here...I dislocated my shoulder.  It hurts like a bitch, over...” Harris radioed back saying “Alright.  Set your shoulder back in place.  That’ll hurt, but we need you buddy.  We’ll get you to a medic as soon as possible, over.” Dylex gulped at looked at his injured arm, procrastinating at setting it back in place.  Finally, he managed to set his fear aside, and he pushed arm back into place. Dylex grunted and held his breath, trying to hold his screams.  Falling on to his knees, the pain in his am slowly but surely drifted away.  Able to fully use his arm again, he slowly picked up his T-36 AR, just incase his arm was unable to handle the weight.  He was once again, ready to jump into the combat.  He had just began running up the steps when a massive blast rocked the entire building. Dylex fell to the ground, disoriented by the huge blast. Dylex radioed Harris, yelling ‘What the fuck was that?  It rocked the entire friggin’ building!” Dylex picked himself up, continuing to head upstairs.  “We got a friggin’ tank!  Get your ass up here!” Harris said over the radio.  Dylex proceeded up the steps, when suddenly, he got a DSW, or Distress Signal Warning, from Jacobs and Hunder. Contemplating where to go first, Dylex finally radioed Harris and said “I got a DSW from Jacobs and Hunder down at the Capital, with their squad.  It looks like they need me right now!  Can you guys handle yourselves for a little bit?” Just as Dylex finished his transmission, another shell hit the building, once again causing it to shake and nearly crumble.  “Alright, take care of them!  We’ve got anti armor weapons, but we’ll only be able to hold out for so long!  Hurry back!” Dylex nodded his head, and radioed back saying “Yes sir, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He sent a transmission to Jacobs and Hunder, saying “Did ya hear that, boys?  I’m on my way.  Watch your asses!” Jacobs and Hunder radioed back, saying “Hurry up already, we’re dyin’ over here!  We’re pinned down inside the capital, and our squad is outside trying to take out any resistance on the third floor!” Dylex noticed that there was a UDF tank Division passing through this side of the city as he looked outside.  Since it was an Arclight Division, there was no reason to be afraid of hostiles; no AC soldier would dare take on an Arclight tank, even if they had Anti Armor weapons.  He casually walked out the main door of the bank, and approached the tank squadron.  The driver opened the hatch and laughed.  “Something tells me you ain’t afraid to just waltz on outside when there are friendly tanks around!” Dylex laughed.  “Yeah, that’s me.  Anyway, I need a ride to the Capital building.  Can you guys give me a ride?” The driver nodded his head.  “We’re actually on our way to clear out some armor that we caught wind of in that area.  Hop on in, son.” Dylex was climbing on the tank when he heard infantry fire, causing him to climb much faster than he thought he could.  “Don’t worry ‘bout them, we’ve got it taken care of!  As soon as Dylex climbed in and secured himself in his seat, the Arclight tank unleashed a barage of shells in the general direction that the shots were heard from which was the last thing that any of those soldiers ever heard. 

     At the same moment, Jacobs and Hunder had come under attack inside the capital building of New Diamat.  Pinned down on a staircase, they had been inside the building only a matter of seconds before they realized what exactly they had gotten themselves into.  They were on their way up to the second floor, in the process of climbing the staircase.  Thankfully, the handrail was solid steel, much like an escalator, so they didn’t have to worry about being exposed.  “What are we gonna do now?” Hunder yelled over the deafening gunfire. Jacobs exposed his head for a moment to see how many hostiles there were.  After being shot at, he quickly hid himself once more, yelling over the gunfire “All we can do is wait for Dylex and that Armor Division!  We don’t have a choice right now!” Now, Hunder was already in a bad spot as it was.  But he decided to move closer to the top of the staircase so he could engage his enemies from a much less complicated angle.  He was hiding behind a pillar made of marble that went from the handrail to the ceiling, offering just enough cover for him to breathe easily.  As soon as the firing ceased, he peaked out from the left side of the pillar to get a good look at where the enemies were.  There was one behind a steel table that he had flipped over on it’s side, and another who was hiding on the left side of the entrance to one of the many rooms.  He had plenty of room to maneuver, and quickly ran to hide behind the steel hand rail that kept people from falling off of the second floor.  No sooner had he stuck his head out, Hunder was forced to hide himself once again when the gunfire started once more.  This time, Hunder brought Jacobs in on the situation.  “Toss a flash bang up there and blind them for me!” Jacobs, who was still hiding behind the steel handrail, did what he was told.  “Close your visor, that’s gonna blind you too!” Hunder just barely closed his visor in time, which temporarily damaged his vision.  Because he was semi disoriented, he stuck his T-36 AR out and fired blindly, not taking any chances of possibly getting shot.  Out of all his shots, he was only sure that one was a confirmed hit.  He had heard the AC soldier fall down, yelling and screaming in agonizing pain.  He continued to fight back against the ever increasing wave of AC soldiers that seemed to be flowing out of every room in the building. Jacobs, on the other hand, was in a dangerous fire fight as well.  He was attacking a soldier was was hiding behind the handrails on the second floor.  It was a constant “pop and shot” fight, where they were constantly just barely dodging one another’s bullets.  In a desperate attempt to free himself from this dangerous situation, he revealed himself and threw a fragmentation grenade up to where the AC soldier was hiding.  Unaware of what had just happened, the AC soldier reloaded his weapon and prepared to continue fighting.  Three more soldier came in from the door behind him, none of them ready for what was about to happen.  “Five, four, three, two, one...” Jacobs whispered as he counted down the time on the fuse of the grenade.  Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and four AC soldiers were no longer a threat to the Jacobs and Hunder.

Jacobs, happy that he just took four hostiles down, had to restrain himself because of his current position.  He was doing his best to stay out of the line of fire, but for one quick second, he let his guard down.  He exposed himself form his position on the stairwell only to be met with a bullet hitting his shoulder, knocking him down. Jacobs writhed in pain, while yelling to Hunder “I’m hit, I’m hit!” Hunder looked in Jacobs’ direction with a horrified gaze.  “Find a safe place to hide, I’ll be there in a second!” Hunder was enraged and horrified at the same time.  He leaned out from his hiding spot and unleashed a full clip of ammunition, killing three soldiers.  He continued firing, aiming wildly and not checking his using any tactics, which play to his advantage at the moment, but only seconds later his gun jammed.  He looked at it, puzzled as to why it stopped firing, and then he realized a horrifying fact: His barrel had melted.  With ten or more AC soldiers closing in on his position, he radioed Dylex, saying “Where the hell are you?  I don’t have anymore extra barrels and my last one just melted!” Hunder did all he could to hide himself from the bullets that were flying just inches away from him, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t get hit. Dylex radioed back, saying “I’m just about there, can you hold out just for a little longer?” Hunder pulled out his P-39 semi automatic side arm, and radioed back “Yeah, but I need you hear as soon as possible, Jacobs is down!” Hunder watched as more and more hostile troops flooded down down the flight of stairs leading to the third floor, and realized that this was was either going to be him or them.

Hunder quickly made his way over to Jacobs, just barely dodging enemy bullets.  Jacobs was still alive, but he was in bad shape. Hunder began to speak, but Jacobs put his hand in his face, and said “Listen to me...take this Smoke, and toss it into the middle of them.  That should give us enough time to make it in to the room up the stairs...” Hunder looked back, and noticed that the door had been shot open during his rage.  He looked at Jacobs and said “Are you sure that this will work?  We can’t take any chances!” Jacobs rolled his eyes, saying “What choice do we have?  Come on, lets go!” Hesitantly, Hunder took the smoke grenade and moved back into his original position behind the Marble ceiling pillar.  He took a quick look out, and then pulled himself back in, realizing that this was a do or die situation.  He looked down at Jacobs, who was lying there at the top of the staircase leading to the bottom floor, and then looked down at this grenade.  “Here goes nothing...” he whispered.  He tossed the smoke grenade, which exploded and offered roughly 30 seconds of cover.  As soon as he heard it blow, he dashed to the head of the staircase, grabbed Jacobs, and dragged him into the room.  “As if things couldn’t get any worse...” Hunder said as he attempted to clean out his clogged and melted barrel.

  Finally, like a sign from God, Dylex came charging through the main entrance.  He ran up the stairs and rolled into the room, just barely dodging hostile fire.  He gasped for air, trying to take in as much oxygen as he could at one time.  “Ha...I told ya that I’d be here as sonn as possible...I ditched the tanks, they came under fire...I just ran my ass all the way over here...” Hunder rolled his eyes, saying “You couldn’t have arrived a tad bit earlier, huh? Jacobs is still bleeding, and I have no clue how to stop it.  Go check him out and I’ll cover you guys!” Dylex nodded his head, and he ran over to where Jacobs was lying. Dylex propped Jacobs up against a wall so he could get a better look at his wound. Jacobs yelled, and clentched his teeth, trying to bear the pain.  “I know it hurts buddy, but I need you to bear with me, alright?” Dylex pulled a field surgeon kit out of his rucksack, Jacobs starred up at Dylex in utter horror.  “What are you gonna do with that?” He asked Dylex anxiously. Dylex shook his head.  “Like I said buddy, I just need you to bear with me, alright?” Dylex pulled out a pair of scissors sanitized them for proper use.  “I’ll count to three, and then I’ll start, alright?” Jacobs closed his eyes and nodded his head. Dylex started counting, saying “One, two...” Suddenly, there was an enormous explosion.  It knocked Dylex over, but he managed to roll over and see that Hunder was still covering them, doing his best to save them both.  “Dylex yelled at Jacobs, “What the hell was that?  Did you see anything?” Hunder tossed an empty magazine into the main foyer, and said “I don’t know what the hell it was, but the AC soldiers were running from it.  That’s good enough me.” Dylex stood there thinking for a moment.  “If the AC soldiers are running from it, and our Armor is busy clearing another part of the city, what is it? Argh...wait a minute.  Oh no...” Hunder, get over here, and give me my rifle!” Dylex took his weapon back and reloaded it.  “I don’t think we’re being helped by whatever that was...” Dylex said.  Doing his best to ignore his feelings, he slung his rifle over his back and began to work on Jacobs once more.  Suddenly, there was yet another explosion, this time much closer to the room that they were in.  The blast caused small pieces and parts of the ceiling to fall.  It happened to fast for Dylex to do anything about it.  Before he had even realized what happened, a part of the ceiling hit him right in the back of his head.  He fell to the ground, slowly but surely.  He was starting to black out, he could definitely tell.  Dylex knew he was running short on time, so he did his best to stand up.  He stumbled to his feet, when finally a final blast threw him and Hunder against the wall.

The last thing that Dylex saw was the power starting to flicker on and off.  Within seconds it was gone, and Dylex slowly but surely blacked out.  The three of them were now alone and trapped inside this horrid capital building of New Diamat.

The prophesied conflict had finally begun.

The End

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