Never dies who his/her heart liven with Love.... our durability in the world has been registered for ever (a translated poem of Hafez)

That human, in contact together, are examined is not minor problem. Because person or instrument situated at you is not a simple instrument or Adam furniture. Nevertheless he is a creature in perfection of complexity and to be indefinable with thousands of detail in himself and her/his fate and all of things he/she has owned, in his demands, in her/his wishes, in extreme power to reach her/his wishes, and in contradictions with himself and you. He/She is a composition against you. So the problem examination with together, like other issues, is much complicated.

A strange problem is about the variety of contact. Human, in different worlds, contact together, everyone, in his worlds, has a duty. Even so, the contact has the various properties. The most beautiful, most complicated, and most sacred type of contact is that has a track of love in own.

The End

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