Chapter 1: Assault



"No one could have ever seen it was hard enough to face the facts myself. No one believed in Aliens anymore...Everyone thought that man’s only enemy was himself. I remember exactly where I was that day...In the middle of a heated combat situation. My name? I don’t suppose that matters much...

It all started about 100 years ago. It was all a matter of a small disagreement turning into something bigger than it should have been. It was 2012, that’s when it began. My great grandfather developed a new fuel source, known as Diatine. With this, our economy grew, and bloomed. This strange weapons development company known as the Asalian Corporation came into the picture somehow. It took the diatine reserves that the United States had saved up and dispersed them among the nations, which angered the numerous nations all over the world, including the US. To make matters worse, when we ran out, we were forced to attack other countries to salvage the fuel that WE created. This came ot be known as the Diatine War. Right after that terrible war, A young man came into power: Geoffrey Storna.  As the President of the Dominion of America, he promised to restore peace and prosperity to the dying Nation. The sad part was that he did by ending millions of innocent lives...he started what is known today as the fallout, which happened in 2058, and ended in 2067.

     He dropped Diatine Warheads on innocent countries, and released a vial of a disease called "lockjaw" into the air, killing even more people. Little did we know that he was being manipulated by the AC, which had become more than just a weapons development company. After he destroyed all of those innocent people, the people of the Dominion of America had a choice: Support Storna and all of his decisions, or fight back. In the end, we could not stand under his rule. We fought back, which came to be known as the Second American Civil War, which ended in a temporary stalemate.We had not lost, but surrendered. We had lost too much...So he banished us.

     All of us that were forced formed what is known today as the UDF, the United Defense Force. We migrated to a neighboring planet known as Vera at about 2068, where he we have been ever since. The Dominion of America had officially destroyed all of the principals that it had been founded on...what a shame. If only they had known how big of a mistake they had made. Honestly, some of this makes me laugh. See, little did the AC know that by demonstrating their power, they caused vengeful eyes to look down upon demonstrating their power, they had awakened the Tridian, a majestic, malicious Alien race that has never known defeat. Sadly, They took this demonstration of power as a challenge. So, as quiet and as sure as they could be, the Tridians decided to destroy their new found challenger. Slowly but surely, they began to build their army. It took them almost 30 years, but they definitely did their homework...You don’t believe me? Trust me...I fought against them."

-Dylex Burgandy

January 12, 2112

Assault On New Diamat

It was cold that morning. Everyone was frozen with fear. Even though they were still somewhat safe in their HC-50’s, preparing to be dropped into the battlefield, hardly any of these men were ready to fight. Below them, they could hear the screams and cries of dying Marines, and above them they could see FA-90 Night Hawks dog fighting.

All of the men and women were bracing themselves for the impending combat that was approaching ever so quickly. They all readied their T-36 Assault Rifles, checked their ammo levels, and prepared for the worst. Dylex Burgandy, one of the Marines that was involved with the Assault on New Diamat that day was most impatient...

"Argh, Just drop us down already!" Dylex yelled.

     He looked around, watching as bullets flew past the hundreds of HC-50’s that were preparing to touch down, when suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

"We’ve been hit!" One of the marines screamed, as the HC-50 was hit head on with an Anti-Air Missile.

 The aircraft spun out of control, falling to the ground in a ball of flame. When the Missile hit, it sent Dylex through the air, almost causing him fall to his death. Luckily, he landed on the wing, and managed to grab hold of it before he fell. As he struggled to keep himself on the HC-50, he realized how close they were to the ground. He had a choice-Let go and fall, or hold on and hope to survive the explosion. Reluctantly, Dylex waited for the opportune moment to jump...

"I can't get control of her...Everyone, get off this dropship!"

 The craft spun out of control, falling to the ground in a ball of flame. When the Missile hit, it sent Dylex through the air, almost causing him fall to his death. Luckily, he managed to grab the side of the vehicle before he fell. As he struggled to keep himself on the HC-50, he realized how close they were to the ground. He had a choice-Let go and fall, or hold on and hope to survive the explosion. Sergeant Harris came over to Dylex's aid.

"You're not going anywhere, son. Just hang on! I've got you!"

Sergeant Harris tried and tried to pull him up, but Dylex's combat armor was simply too heavy to lift, especially while he was hanging off the side of an HC-50. Dylex looked up at him with a grim gaze.

"Just keep holding me up, I'm going to jump!" Dylex looked down, horrified not by the distance he was from the ground but how fast the were flying.

The HC-50 was in a rapid descent, screaming through the air at a speed of almost 60 miles per hour. The only reason that Dylex was able to hang on was because of his sheer muscle mass...any other man would've been to weak to hold on for this long.

Harris yelled at the pilot, "Do your best to keep us in the air, Private! We're almost at the drop zone!"

 The pilot turned his head, saying, "I'm doing my best, Sergeant!" Before he could finish his sentence, Enemy Infantry Fire silenced him permanently.

     With no pilot and no way of getting off, Harris tried harder and harder to pull Dylex up with each passing second. Finally, as his adrenaline kicked in, he was able to lift Dylex and help him into the rapidly descending HC-50. Dylex, utterly exhausted, had to take a moments rest. He collapsed on the hard, metal floor of the flaming HC-50, not even phased by the by the bullets flying nearly inches over his head. Harris ran up to the cockpit and moved the pilot's dead body, and sat down.

 "I'm no pilot, but I'm pretty sure that I can activate a gel layer that should take most of the impact..."

Dylex moved his head just enough to look at Harris, and screamed, "We don't have any time, just do it!"

 Harris began punching number and codes into the mainframe system computer, which enabled the stabilizers and activated the protective gel layer. Harris looked at Dylex and said,

"Get it comes!"

The HC-50 hit the ground hard, and slid through the ground. He fell and landed hard on his back. As he lay there in the midst of the explosion caused by the totaled HC-50, he was deafened by the sounds of gunfire and explosions. All he could see were FA-90 Night Hawks screaming by, and thousands of HC-50’s either being shot down, or landing safely and deploying every last Marine it carried, while Dylex blacked out, slowly but surely.

    "Get up! Come on now, don’t you die on me!" Dylex heard Sgt. Harris yell at him as he slowly came to.

     "What? Ugh, my head..." Sgt. Harris sighed and picked him up.

"Boy, we don’t have time for this! Get up and get a move on!"

 Dylex began to stand, but nearby enemy tank fire caused him to start running faster than he knew he could. Friendly M-70 Arclight Tanks plowed on in and gave support to many of the Marines that were trying to reach the Rendezvous point, as Night Hawk fighters battled in the sky. Using the tanks as cover, Dylex and the other Marines ran down a relatively clear street. As soon as AC forces began to suppress, the rest of the UDF forces had no choice but ot fight back. There were run down vehicles and many buildings to engage the AC from, so Sgt. Harris took this advantage to the limit. Dylex and Sgt. Harris went up into the second third story of a run down bank, and the other troops continued fighting down on the ground. Dylex reached the top of the building, and pulled out his T-36 AR, and aimed down the scope. 3 of his Marines were pinned down behind a large truck, with AC troops closing in on both sides. Despite suppressing fire from other UDF Marines, the AC soldiers fought back and continued to advance on Alpha’s position. Dylex shouted down through the the Radio, saying

"Alpha 1, AC troops closing in on your position, approximately a mile and a half out to your east, as well as a squad of soldiers, roughly 20 meters North of your current location, over."

 He could see them firing, and watched as they Cpl. Degarmo shouted back,

"Copy that Alpha 2, we are aware. Requesting sniper support, over!"

 Dylex loaded up his T-36 AR shouted back "Copy that Alpha, we are 15 meters east of your location, providing support."

     Dylex put down his radio, pulled his rifle up to his shoulder, and looked down the scope. Taking advantage of his Targeting Distance System, better known as TDS, that was built into his T-36 AR Scope, he was able to tell the distance of a target as long as his sights were set on it. Dylex stuck his head up from over the ledge and began to aim in on his target. Alpha was pinned down behind a large business truck right next to a narrow alleyway, so they decided to widen their territory. Degarmo sent Pvt. Jacobs through the alley to flank the troops advancing from the north, and sent Pvt. Kyre to cover Jacobs. Dylex saw that the AC troops stopped their advance and were now fighting a long range battle. There were two Marines heading toward the Alleyway, so Dylex shouted through the radio,

"3 hostiles proceeding through the alleyway, over!"

The three AC soldiers that were heading towards the alleyway spotted Dylex up in the top level of the bank and immediately took cover behind the building leading to the alleyway. They all began firing upon him, so Dylex had no choice but to pull his head down and take another approach. Suddenly, an idea emerged in his head. Dylex, without warning Sgt. Harris, headed down the flight of stairs leading ot the second level of the bank, and hid behind the wall next to the windows. Sgt. Harris was suppressing the three soldiers, while Dylex now had an open shot. He held his breath, looked down the scope, and then took the shot.  Instantly, the soldier that was behind the building next to the alleyway fell to the ground, writhing in pain. Realizing that he was not dead, Dylex aimed and fired the last fatal shot, forever silencing that one soldier.

"There we go, finally! One less person trying to kill me..."

Dylex leaned out to take another shot, but much to his surprise, there was a soldier looking over the rear end of a broken down car, aiming in on him. Being more shocked than surprised, he quickly tried to hide himself from his enemy’s rifle, but he simply was not fast enough. In the heat of the moment, he accidentally left his right elbow exposed, and the AC soldier did not hesitate to take the shot rather than lose his target. The soldier fired, and Dylex fell to the ground, grabbing his arm. Luckily, he was hidden behind the wall under the windowsill, so he had room to move around.

     Since he was trained more for long range sniping, his combat armor was much weaker than the grunts or the medics. This had also played as a major advantage at long range because he could maneuver much quicker, but it was a major disadvantage in such close combat. The bullet had gone not pierced his arm, luckily. Thanks to the clever designers of the UDF Combat Armor, the bullet ricocheted off of the rounded edges of his elbow pads. Even though he was not injured, his arm was in immense amounts of pain from the impact of the bullet, leaving it almost useless for a time being. Dylex sighed in relief, and said to himself

"At least it was my bad arm..."

 However, even though he was in excruciating pain, he kept his concentration on the battlefield. He pulled out his P-39 Semi-Automatic side arm, and prepared to get back into the fight. Already knowing where his target was, he leaned out and fired a few shots. The first shots hit him and brought him down to his knees, but he fell behind the car’s rear end, and was no longer exposed. Dylex hid himself once more, and reloaded the clip in his pistol, saying

"Here we go..."

 With that, he leaned out and shot, taking down the last soldier in the alleyway. However, there were still reinforcements heading in from the east...Dylex grabbed his T-36 AR, and ran back up the the top level of the bank, and prepared for the attack that was to occur any moment. Dylex looked at Sgt. Harris and said

"Sir, they’ve got armor heading down toward out position, as well as a squad of soldiers. I’d say maybe 15 to 20 soldiers plus an M-70 Arclight tank are coming right for us."

Harris looked at Dylex and laughed.

"Kid, you worry too much."

he said with a smile. Dylex had a puzzled look on his face.

"I take it that you have an idea?" He asked Harris. He put his hand on Dylex’s shoulder and said,

"Yeah, I do. And it involves you getting that radio and calling in Omega Squad to our position. Then, I need you to radio in for a Supply chopper on our location, because we need ammunition, and we need Anti Armor weapons. Understand?"

Dylex grinned, and grabbed the radio and his rifle. "I’ve got you covered, Sergeant."


        Meanwhile, Jacobs and Kyre were in a heated combat situation. They had made it through the alleyway and inflicted minimal casualties, but they landed the city’s main intersection, which was under heavy attack by UDF forces. Apparently, The AC was attempting to defend the city’s capital building, but the UDF forces were pushing them into a corner. Jacobs and Kyre met up with Charlie squad when they arrived on the scene, and they were immediately thrown into combat. As they arrived, there was a recon squad that was sent with the Anti Armor crew to provide support while they attempted to destroy the M-70 Arclight tanks that were preventing the UDF’s advance. However, Kyre and Jacobs were sent in with the ground troops that were pushing in on the capital building.

        The UDF had to push the ground squad back into the capital building. Thankfully, there were M-70 Arclight Tanks were passing through the area, and decided to lend a hand on the assault. The order was given, and the shots were taken, killing at least 13 of the AC soldiers that were holding the outside of the capital building. The Arclight Tanks moved on and continued to their own destination, while the rest of the AC soldiers retreated inside of the building. Lt. Hunder separated Kyre and Jacobs, putting Jacobs into the ground fight, while sending Kyre back to Sylux and Sgt. Harris who were definitely knee deep in a battle. Jacobs was taking cover in the same alleyway that he had come from, and was under fire from a 90 Cal. There were 5 other marines with him; they were all coaxing him to make the first move. However, Jacobs was paralyzed with fear.

     "Those rounds don’t even have to hit me to take my arm off! It doesn’t matter how strong my battle armor is..."

Finally, Hunder tossed a smoke into the middle of the road and said

"Go! Now’s your chance!"

     Without a second thought, he ran out into the smoke and reached the sandbag barrier that the UDF forces were fighting from. Luckily, Dylex The road to the capital building was not only short, but it was also downhill, which gave the UDF forces the advantage they needed to push the AC out of that building.

"They’re stuck in a corner, boys! Two more of our Squads are right behind ‘em! They’re not getting away this time!"

     Hunder laughed. Just as they were about to charge at the Capital building, shots from the 90 Cal. came raining down from the building, forcing the 5 pinned marines down behind the sandbags. Thanks to his sharp eyesight, Jacobs was able to catch where the 90 Cal. rounds were coming from. Over all the noise and gunfire, Jacobs was able to shout

"The left side of the building, 12 meters high, and two spotters on the balcony!"

Without revealing the rest of his body, Hunder lifted his T-36 AR over the sandbags and began blind firing. That was enough to startle the AC Soldier on the 90 Cal. And cause him to retreat from the balcony that he was on and take cover behind the wall next ot the window. He was completely hidden from the UDF marines at this moment in time.

"He wasn’t even aiming, and he almost killed me..."

     The AC soldier said as he tried to catch his breath. Shots were still coming through the window, just barely missing him. The AC soldier revealed his T-36 AR and fired blindly, attempting to forces the marines back down behind their sandbags. Thinking that they had hidden themselves, he stuck his head out and aimed at the marines. Just before he took the shot, Jacobs pulled the trigger, hitting the AC soldier right in the neck. Choking on his own blood, he fell down the in the Presidential Quarters of the New Diamat capital building. Gasping and wheezing, not one other AC soldier would come to his aid.

     Jacobs, knowing that the spotters on the balcony were still attacking fiercely, quickly leaned out from behind the sandbags and shot at the spotter on the left side of the balcony. Amazingly, Jacob’s bullets landed right on the AC Spotter Soldier, causing him to fall from the top of the building, and ultimately, to his death. The other spotter on the right side of the balcony pulled fired a few quick shots, and then retreated back inside the building.

"Looks like it's time to get in there and flush 'em out, doesn't it?" Kyre said to Jacobs.

Jacobs frowned, and nodded his head.

"Yeah, I guess it does."

Kyre tossed a smoke grenade down in the road, and fired a few shots to scare off anyone who may be on the lower floor of the building. Then, without any hesitation, both Kyre and Jacobs charged inside the capital building and locked the Titanium steel Automatic door, keeping anyone from leaving the building. And then...

The power went out. All was dark within the cold, steel walls of the capital building of New Diamat.

The End

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