Strange phone call

As I lay in bed that night doing my usual thinking, Tom floated back into mind as usual. Argh!! Why did I even like him. He was such a jerk. And yet, I just could never stop thinking about him and having those stupid fluttery feelings and wanting him to like me so badly. I was such a child. I turned over again restlessly, feeling hot and bothered. It was a warm night and there were still those irritating bugs that fluttered around the light which I'd just switched off.

Well, this was one book I couldn't put down - a constant reality of life that everyone had to face. There was no getting away from it. Sighing I finally drifted off into a rather restless doze when the sound of the phone suddenly pierced my ears. My head pounded and I screwed up my eyes from the wincingly bright light showing impatiently on its display. I scrabbled around for the wireless phone which sat somewhere on my desk amongst all my computing papers, sweet wrappers and cereal bowls.

Who on earth could be calling at this hour?! It was past midnight! I blearily pressed the green button, thankfully cutting short its shrill voice. I croaked hello into the mouthpiece and then frowned as i heard a scuffling from the other end.

"Hello?" Then a stifled cry. I sat up sharply, alarmed, my heart beginning to beat wildly and my palms growing sweaty. "Hello? Who's there?" More crackling ensued and then another cry. This time I knew it was Georgia’s voice. “Georgia!!”


I breathed heavily and sat there stunned with the phone sitting in my hand. What should I do. What should I do?!

The End

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