Risk it

I scrabbled around in my bag for my brown purse just in case I did have it. "Oh where is it!" I muttered to myself, as my Vaseline  tin bounced out of my bag, clattering loudly on the hard floor. I blushed and hastily picked it up, thrusting it back inside and sighting my purse. "Ahah!" I opened it and sighed with relief as I saw my ID card slipped in a card pocket. I had put it in after all.

"Oh, I have got my ID," I declared, triumphantly. Nobody seemd remotely interested so I turned back to the movie posters and wrinkled my nose up at the selection of films on, realising I didn't feel like watching any of them.

"Well, we could also watch The Eye. I've heard that's pretty cool." said Mike. Libby wrinkled up her nose like I had done.

"I don't really want to watch a horror movie. I feel more like something actiony, like...I dunno, what about Cease Fire?" Libby replied, shifting her weight to the other hip.

After the typical further procrastination about what we should watch, with everyone beginning to get impatient with each other's indecisiveness, we finally decided on Hell Gate. It was supposed to have pretty good reviews and we wouldn't have to rush to get in; we still had some time to chill before the movie started.  Also, some of us didn't have ID so The Hollow was a bit unlikely.

I queued up with Paul, grudgingly, only because he was paying for my ticket and hoped again that the others wouldn't get any ideas. I glanced over at Tom every so often who was further back in the queue but he refused to acknowledge that I was there. Fine, let him ignore me. See if i cared. Then I realised that, actually I did, and sighed again.

When we'd all bought our tickets we trooped over to the food cashiers and I, as per usual, commented on the extremity of the popcorn prices.

"Seriously, £4.99 for a large popcorn! I could knock up more than that at home for a pound," I said outraged, to no one in particular, rather too loudly for my friends' liking. "And what are the drinks about?! I'm not paying £4 for a large coke. Half of it's water anyway." I didn't have any money anyway, so I simply waited at the edge whilst the others bought theirs.

Deciding there wasn't enough time to go anywhere else before the film started, we just went into the screen early. I secretly hoped I would have to sit next to Tom, even though he was totally ignoring me at the moment. I tried to push my way forward in the group so I was nearer to him, but instead bumped Shannon on the shoulder by accident. I quickly turned to her, instinctively saying, "Sorry."

"That's okay," she said, smiling falsely, clearly not meaning it at all. You would have to have been deaf, dumb and blind not to have sensed the sarcasm in her voice. Oo, I do hate her! I couldn't very well push past her again, otherwise it would look too obvious, so I glumly stayed back, as we filed into our seats.

We chose one of the side rows near the back and Libby and Mike went right to the end with Shannon following and Tom in tow. I could have gone in next, but I was distracted as I clumsily tripped on one of the steps and Georgia walked down the row instead, plonking herself in next to Tom. I sidestepped down the row making a face at the stickiness of the floor and sank down onto the comfy wide fold-down seat. Paul sidled in next to me and I cringed as he settled himself down in his, smiling his banana grin. 

"This is fun isn't it?" He said, eagerly, with his mouthful of popcorn and thrusting the bucket in front of me, offering me some. "Want some?"

"No thanks," I said, repulsed, but smiled pleasantly anyway. I saw Jim sit down next to Paul at the end and he leaned in smiling at me.

"Hi Cassie. Alright?" He said warmly, taking his seat, and nearly spilling some of his popcorn in the process. I liked Jim. He was the kind of guy you wanted as an older brother. Lucky Georgia. I did actually fancy him once but then for some reason, I couldn't see him like that anymore. And anyway, he was going out with this other girl at school who I didn't know, who seemed pretty nice.

"Oh, careful! Yeah, I'm alright," I nodded. "You?"

"Yeah, I'm good." I turned my head towards the rest of the row, only to be greeted by the sound of Shannon's irritating laughter floating in my direction. I bristled, as I saw Tom sharing the joke, smiling and shaking his head in amusement, whilst I  wished again to be in Shannon's place. A stab of bitterness seeped into me along with the thought 'What a bittch. She knows I like him and she's acting all flirty with him on purpose.'  I could tell already that this was going to bug me for the rest of the evening but I tried to reassure myself that it didn't bother me. Just enjoy the film. It doesn't matter if she's flirting with him. It's not like hes gonna suddenly start liking her. She's not even that pretty anyway-

"You alright, Cassie. You look a bit worried." Georgia interjected, jolting me out of my envious thoughts.

"Oh, yeah." I forced a smile. "Everything's peachy," I replied, sarcastically with another huffy sigh. I was still glaring darkly at them down the row and Georgia followed my gaze as Shannon gave another 'I'm having so much fun' giggle.

"Oh just ignore Shannon. She's being a bit of an idiot at the moment," she replied in hushed tones, leaning in so her voice couldn't be heard. I smiled in spite of the situtation, glad that at least someone else shared my thoughts, even if it wasn't for the same reasons.

However, it didn't do a lot to soothe the circumstances and I spent the rest of the film trying not to notice the giggles and whispering coming from their direction. The movie was a bit useless anyway with not much of a story line and overall I rated the evening with a big fat zero.

As I glanced out of the windows lining the inside walkway, on our way out, it suddenly occcured to me that I didn't have a secure way of getting home. I'd walked here and now it was pretty dark and not to mention cold outside so I'd either have to ask one of the other's for a lift or ring a family member to come up and get me. Oh I wish I could drive!

The End

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