Go to the movie

Right come on Cassie, make a decision. You're always procrastinating to the nth degree and now is not the time for that! Right I will go. Even though I look foul. I will probably regret it but what the hell. I will regret it if I don't go!

"Yeh, ok, I'll come along then. Thing is, I'm totally skint. Do you think you could lend me some money?" I grinned cheesily at Paul as a persuasive tactic. "Pleeeease."

"Yeah sure." He replied, airily, sipping his frothy coffee. " You're lucky I've got cash on me for once." He grinned slightly slimily, making me shiver inwardly. He needs to get rid of that cheesy grin, desperately! Well anyway, that was the money situation sorted. Oh no, Tom! I have to go to the toilets and at least try and rectify my foul-ness.

I put down my half empty mug and gave a tired sigh. "Right, I'm just popping to the loos. Be right back." I pushed back the wooden chair screechily and looked round apprehensively to make sure I wasn't getting any glares for having broken the tranquil atmosphere. I turned back to Paul. "Look after my stuff, will you?"

"Yeah, sure,' he replied, silkily. Urgh, why am I even hanging out with him?! I guess I'm just such a long suffering friend. I smiled to myself in spite of how lame I knew that thought was.

I made my way to the door with the cute woman sign on it and creakily pushed it open. I groaned as I saw my face in the mirror and frowned in despair at the state of my hair.

"What do i look like?!" I said to myself outloud. I attempted to re-do my hair, scrunching it up into a messy bun. I scrabbled around in my huge khaki shoulder bag, finally finding my eyeliner and mascara amongst the sweety wrappers, leaflets and junk living in the depths.

Well, that's as good as it gets. I thought to myself, wearily. I sprayed my signature Clarins perfume all over me and also in my hair for good luck. I actually quite liked the flushed look this humid air had given me and pressed my lips together with its fresh lip gloss, to finish the look.


The End

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