The phone rings

Sighing, I flop my head back over the arm of the chair and let my long, dark hair dangle to the floor.  I can hear the ticking of the clock from across the room.  It's almost like it is scolding me, telling me that I should be doing my math.  Great, even the clock is against me.  I feel a gentle tugging at my hair and smile.  Finally, a friend.  Sitting up, I flip my hair out of my face and reach down for the small kitten sitting on the floor.  She cuddles into my arms and starts purring.   Her black fur tickles my nose as I bury my face into her neck and gently give her a kiss.

The ringing of the phone breaks through the quiet room and startles me.  I walk over to the desk only to find the phone missing from it's base.  It's probably in Brandy's room.  She is always on the phone, talking to her many friends and BOYFRIENDS.  Little miss popular with her golden hair and perfect figure.  I pull a face.  Tucking the kitten into my side I head up the stairs to Brandy's room.  Ignoring all the pink and lace that greets me at the door, I spot the phone on the bed and grab it up.

"Hello, Amanda?"  Mom's voice meets my ear. 

"It's Mandy, Mom."  I scowl at the wall.  How many times do I have to remind her of that?

"Amanda, you need to catch a bus and get down here to the hospital right away." 

I notice the panic in her voice and tense up.  What has happened?  I hear a loud squak and notice that I am squeezing the kitten.  Gently I set her down on Brandy's bed and sit down beside her.

"What's going on Mom?  What's wrong?"

I hear crying on the other end of the phone.  I can tell she's trying to get herself under control.

"Mom?"  I pause for a moment.  "Mom?"

"Get down here,"  she sobs.  "It's Brandy, she's been in an accident."

The End

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