Constant Reality

The ice-cold water lapped at her bare feet, whipped up by the coarse rebellious wind, only to be drawn back again, returning to the infinite blackness of the night. She paused momentarily and with a deep breath, jumped up and swung her leg round onto the dark majestic creature beside her. She felt its warmth flood through her as she wrapped her cold legs around its smooth, velvety middle and grasped its rugged mane.

The stallion’s heavy breathing cut through the whistling of the wind and the hushing sea. She strained to see the way ahead of her but still she gave a small squeeze against the soft side and immediately the horse eased into a springy trot. She felt a shiver of delight run down her back as she swayed constantly on the back of the delicate beast and the splashing of the sea grew louder as she rode effortlessly across the wet sand, spraying up the salty water. She gave another squeeze and soon she was cantering and then galloping out across the endless shore.

A downy cloud drifted aside revealing the silver sphere of the night. It showed up the whole shore as day; a black magnificent stallion streaming ahead, with its neck outstretched, galloping evermore speedily across the sand. You could have almost believed it owned a pair of majestic white feather wings, lifting itself high above the splashing surface of the sand. Up upon its back was a figure, leaning, almost touching its broad crest and swaying in harmony with its monotonous rhythmic movement.

She forgot everything else and just let herself be lifted high in the air above the world. She felt there could be nothing better and just let the wind rush past as if it was in the deepest hurry to be somewhere.

Soon she slowed and pulled gently on his mane; immediately he responded and came to a halt. She sighed, blissfully happy, and paused for a moment. Reluctantly she swung off his warm back to be greeted by a cold rush and the sudden iciness of the wet sand. She felt a throbbing on my hands and noticed they were bleeding; she had been gripping so hard she hadn’t even noticed. Luckily she knew that she could always come out here again and that Maestoso was her own horse that only she loved the most.

Slowly and with a smile on her face, she walked dreamily towards the ramp leading to the road, looking up at the bright stars. Maestoso comically turned his head and looked at her innocently. She laughed and affectionately rubbed his nose.

“ You are a funny horse,” she said with a chuckle, patting his flank. They walked on and soon arrived at her lane. Maestoso’s clanking hooves noisily broke the silence but soon, to her relief, they reached the padded grass of her sidetrack. She led him round the back and down towards the stables at the bottom of the field. Whispering reassuring words in his ear, she rubbed him down, filled up his water and threw in some straw. Closing the stable door, she cringed as the bolt made a loud scraping noise. But soon it was done and she tiptoed across the damp grass towards the house.


I threw down the book in disgust. Like that kind of thing ever happened anyway. These kind of novels just made you depressed. I sighed as reality flooded back into my thoughts and hotly flapped back the duvet covers. I knew I shouldn't have spent so long reading but anything was better than tackling the ever-impending school homework.

I glanced at my alarm clock and groaned again seeing it was already 7pm. I quickly changed out of my uniform and slouched downstairs in search of a snack. I stood staring at the fridge contents before realising there was nothing edible in it. I shut the fridge door with considerable force and tried the cupboard for a chocolate biscuit. Ah. One left. I'll have that.

After finding the remote under a sofa seat, I flopped onto the armchair, and began flicking between channels. Oh surprise, surprise, nothing was on. Could this day get any better?

The End

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