Or more specifically, the river of the blue moon, as some of the local people called it. She stood up then, wondering over toward her window. She brushed aside the sky blue curtains with one hand looking out into the woods. She couldn't see the river, and yet she knew it was that direction. Lily had felt the water calling to her, pulling her for almost a week now. Ever since...

"That was a dream." she said out loud. Maybe she thought that the reason this was happening to her would listen and leave her alone. Maybe she wasn't thinking at all. But then she felt the need to repeat it again, a little louder. But she was never any good at convincing herself of things. She knew what had happened right before her eyes, she was no idiot. It wasn't a dream like everyone kept telling her.

And the events had proved themselves right so far. Her best friend Anne had gone missing, it stormed every night at midnight for exactly 3 hours. But most convincing of all, she thought, was the very fact she was thinking about it. She paced the room in internal conflict. She laid back on the bed, remembering on the last week. Quite possibly, her last week alive and free and innocent.

The End

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