Conspiracy Theory

    Stop it, shut up, it's only a dumb conspiracy theory!

    Lily groaned, throwing her head dramatically into the nearest pillow. She had never been superstitious or gullible, so why was it coming on now? She didn't believe in the Boogeyman, or the Loch Ness monster, or UFOs. All of those, they were just conspiracy theories. Just like the one that had lodged itself into her mind.

    But conspiracy theories were, by nature, as addicting as any cigarette. One couldn't stop until they had proven it true, and if it were proven false, one couldn't stop until they could disprove that. But that was for crackheads and nutcases, not for Lily. So why was it now?

    She believed in it. She wanted to prove it. She wanted the truth torn from the confines of history and thrown out there for all to see. But first, she had to figure the truth out herself. Now there was only one word, repeating itself over and over again like a mantra in Lily's mind. And that word was...

The End

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