Conspiracy, A Dead Sea Scroll MysteryMature

This is the opening of a fact based fiction built on secrets of the Dead Sea Scroll long withheld.


         Please don't call me Hillel.  My mother does that.  Fervently she pushes her big thing for the faith of Abraham and Moses,  and she prays I'll come aboard.  I've looked hard at other faiths as well, but my bones bear such a mishmash of religions that I squirm no matter what the pew.  I hope you won't believe that's the reason I was blind sided.  Of all the skeptics in this world, I'm the guy on whom they dumped that dirty linen that plagued the first family of the New Testament.  Small wonder the proprietors of that inn in Bethlem said there was no room for her elderly husband and the pregnant fourteen year old Mary.  Back then folks were well aware of who really fathered Jesus.

The End

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