New Sun, New Outlook.

Today is new, I'm glad to say,

I feel revived with emotions of a new array,

My mind is as refreshed as the sun in the sky,

No longer do I care about any others lie.


Perhaps tomorrow will make us reconcile,

Then we can move on, life in a new style,

My heart won't be broken, but scarred,

And no longer will my heart, be unnecesarily barred.


In a week, a month or perhaps a long year,

No longer will my conscious be tainted with fear,

You will be and I will be grown,

And memories of a new happy time, will already be sewn.


When I am grown up and sixteen seems so young,

This will be a faint melody, so long ago sung,

Friends are for life, or so I am told,

But I fear we are seperated even 'till we are old.

The End

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