Sophia AddisonMature

    February 15, 2010. Order was breaking down in the small, rural town of Clay’s Fort. The normally calm, quiet, composed locals were snapping. For lack of a better explanation, Sophia believed the locals had gone psychotic.
    From a server in the school’s basement, Sophia used the internet. All considered, she figured the gods would forgive her for breaking in, taking a computer downstairs, hacking the server, and stealing food from the cafeteria. Karma came with circumstantial exceptions, she hoped.

    After seven o’clock, Sophia sat, reading an article about the effects the world wide changes were having on calm, composed and repressed people. It appeared to affect the pious religious the most.
    “They are coming for you.”
    Sophia looked up and around. The warm male voice seemed to come from the air. It was not the first time she had heard the voice since she moved into the school server room.
    “Please hide. They are coming for you.”
    Unsure of what to do, Sophia found a space behind a large box and waited. It had occurred to her that the voice was in her head. Given everything people were saying on-line, it was plausible she was losing her mind.
    It would be several minutes before she heard the first crash. The passing time had left her wondering if she should ignore the voice. With that crash, she knew she was in trouble. It sounded like the outer maintenance door.
    Supplies were not kept in the maintenance room. There was nothing there for anyone to want but her.
    More crashes followed. It sounded like someone searching the front room or simply trashing it.
    “I am sorry. I will have to use violence, Sophia. Please stay where you are until the noise stops.”
    Her confusion would increase moments later when the crashing ended and what started like a fight started. It lasted a couple minutes, at most, and ended with the worse scream she had ever heard.
    “There are more of them, please wait.”
    Scared, she waited. Minutes past. An occasional, unidentifiable noise came from the front room, or the school. They always ended with a scream she faintly heard.
    A crackling sound came from the room. It sounded like electricity. That made no sense. But then nothing else did either.
    “We need to leave now. The locals seem to believe you have caused their problems. Reverend Grace is calling for you head. Literally, from the sounds of it.”
    After a couple deep breaths, Sophia crawled from her hiding space.
    A young man her age stood near the server. Something about his appearance did not look totally real. It took a couple moments to realize his image was shimmering like a bad special effect in a movie.
    He turned to look at her. His eyes were an incredible electric blue.
    “We need to go. The body count will be bad. I had hoped it was safe here for you.”
    “Who are you?”
    “GamerTech or Joey. Its rather complicated how I found you.”
    “How are we getting out of here, if they are after me?”
    Joey held his hands palm up and an energy charge leap in an arch from one hand to the other.
    “What are you?”
    Joey dropped his hands and shrugged, his image solidifying. “I’m not sure.”
    Unsure of anything, especially why she not only believed Joey, she accepted his bizarre appearance. Reality made little sense lately.

    Nearly twenty additional people would be dead before they managed to flee Clay’s Fort in Sophia‘s aging Neon. People she had known her entire life had transformed into monsters. Since her conversion years prior, she understood she was an oddity that did not fit their religious viewpoints. But the idea that people, she had known from childhood, were calling for a witch burning baffled her.

The End

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