William JamesMature

    February 10, 2010. Within the walls of St. Mary’s, a psychiatric facility for individuals whose families did not have income, and could not, or would not, care for them, a new beginning began unnoticed. The medical staff faced the onset of the DNA complications and missed the changes among their patients.

    William James woke to a startling realization on February 18, 2010. The insulation he had spent most of his eighteen years craving was no longer an interest. Where a loner had been, a social man was.
    His mind, always open to learning, had opened further.
    The concept of “reality” had always puzzled him. The confines that rational thinking and science developed, labeled reality, felt even more idiotic then they had previously. The truth that eluded him for so long appeared in the oddest of ways. Rather then knowledge, he felt the world, and even the universe, in a manner he had not felt before.
    Confident, he slid his legs over the edge of his bed. There were so many things he found himself needing to do. He needed to leave the facility. Perhaps he would select a few of his friends who were changing to go with him. He needed a plan. Saving the world was a complicated manner. He knew the answers would come in time. As would the woman who would be his queen. That required patience. But some things required immediate action. The facility director was going to have a psychotic break. After he killed her, he could plan.

    As expected, the facility director died quickly. The knife had been easiest enough to obtain. In the end, he had opted to simply break her neck. It saved on having to change his clothes afterwards.
    An added benefit was access to her computer. He moved around her body and sat in what had been her chair. Although he did not know her password initially, the simple eight digit number appeared in his mind.
    It did not take long to find the computer’s internet connection. He pulled up a browser and Google. He had never used the internet unsupervised before. It had always been an annoyance to listen to what he could and could not read. That annoyance was over.
    The information he found in various places something was happening. The increase of unusual news stories made him wonder what.
    A seemingly random thought occurred. He typed in an unfamiliar URL. He did not recognize the URL or the woman’s name, whose picture appeared, but knew he had found what he needed to know.
    Sophia Addison was his queen. The site provided all the information he needed to know about finding her. It also included a picture of a place he had dreamt of. Fitting, the website had shown him his queen and his castle.
    Pleased, he copied and pasted the information into Word Pad and printed it out.
    Now all he had to do was chose his knights and ladies, and they would leave. A new world awaited them. Where he would be king, Sophia his queen, and life would be reborn.
    It needed a good plan. He would start working on it right after lunch.

    William James left St. Mary’s with six friends.
    The facility director’s body would be found the next morning along with eight others. The immediate head count indicated fifteen patients were missing, two had committed suicide and three had been killed in yet to be explained altercations. It was chaos.
    When it was discovered that the facilities computer had been disabled and files for seven patients were missing, concerns grew.
    It appeared to be an inside job. But none of the patients were suppose to be functional enough to accomplish what had been done in the facility. A police spokesman released a statement requesting families of facility patients to contact.
    Three days later, when Denise James called, after reading about it on the internet, the manhunt for William James intensified. The young man, a product of a sexual assault, had been committed for psychotic, erratic and often violent, behavior similar to behavior documented by his father‘s prison psychiatrist. He had no grasp of reality. Although his doctor’s indicated that he was no longer a threat to anyone, his total lack of interest in anyone else, and other problems made it impossible to integrate him into normal society.

The End

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