Within two week following the emergency medical team’s arrival, the remaining research group were released from quarantine. Altered DNA was found to be widespread and in no way contagious.
    Dr. Cameron returned to work with the locals, trying to keep peace in the aftermath of the discovery. The information had somehow leaked in the area. Riots were forming. Religious hysteria had begun.
    When it hit the internet, Andrew Chase and Hunter Grace, found their pictures with the articles. The conspiracy theories were gaining momentum. The two found that even with aliases, they were the target of misinformation and chaos. Even a newly emerged, televangelist was making accusations, with his new multimedia website.
    Left without options, The World Collaboration of Scientists, relocated them to a science station maintained at an Antarctic base. The location had been chosen publicly for cooling purposes. Its secluded, private location, void of legal constraints had been far more important then computer cooling.

    Less then twenty-four hours after arriving, Hunter hit the first of many problems that would aggravate her.
    Frustrated, she went looking for Andrew and found him working at his personal computer at the small metal desk in his room.
    “Were you given anything to do?”
    “I was told I did not have clearance to work with the computers.”
    “That is the least of our concerns.“ Andrew tapped his computer monitor. “This information is everywhere. Some of it includes some very swaying medical information.”
    Hunter moved to see the screen.
    “What are Indigo children?”
    “A mystical, alternative to an ADD and/or Autism diagnosis. I never considered it plausible. Now I wonder.”
    “What is a savant?”
    “A rare autistic individual who shows incredibly talent in a very narrow field.” A beat. “Einstein. An innate knowledge of math, but limited other abilities.”
    “Is anyone reliable supporting these claims?”
    “Its hard to tell who is reliable anymore. Other websites are showing an incredible increase in schizophrenic and psychotic diagnosis primarily among individuals known for calm dispositions. Widespread panic, rioting, looting, and insanity.”
    “Any positive news?”
    “Depends on your definition. The autistic, and ADD, children are about the closest to positive I have seen.” Andrew paused. “If the information is correct…”
    “Andrew, what is it?”
    “I am ADD and experiencing some of the onset symptoms listed.” Andrew looked at her. “One site that I have found no collaboration for stated that individuals with high IQs and abnormally high knowledge retention, at an unnamed university, are exhibiting a lapse in emotions and even normal interaction skills. It cites cases of completely healthy individuals suddenly displaying antisocial, and homicidal, tendencies.”
    “I have not been having lapses of emotions. If anything, the situation is making me more emotional. The homicidal tendencies I can sympathize with given that we are in Antartica and have nothing to do.”

    Two days would pass. Andrew monitored the news and dreaded the changes he saw in himself. Then on the second morning, he looked in the mirror and realized his eyes had drastically changed color. His original dark brown, a match to both his parents, was now an unusual blue hue.
    A few minutes later, he would trip over a large book that had somehow found its way into the middle of the floor. Agitated, he looked down, and found his entire book collection scattered.
    Confused, he tried to figure out how it had happened. His thoughts were distracted by the sound of running coming towards his room. Unsure of why, he knew it was Hunter.
    His door soon opened and Hunter hurriedly entered with torn, bloody clothes, and a bruised face. For reasons that escaped him, he knew the blood was not Hunters.
    “What happened?”
    “Quentin Carver, aptly named, went psychotic. I found him tossing bloody body parts in the incinerator. I barely got away from him.”
    Again, the sound of running footsteps caught Andrew’s attention. When it reached the outside of the door, Andrew’s body language was already shifting. His eyes shifted from blue to an almost emerald green as he appeared to stare off into space. As the door opened, a swirl of wind formed in the space between Andrew and what had become of Quentin Carver. 
    As the psychotic man entered the space, the wind swirled around him violently, and tossed him ten feet down the hallway. The impact in the metal wall, and crunch of bones, indicated it was unlikely he survived.
    Within moments, Andrew refocused. “What is happening?”
    “We fell through the rabbit hole and wound up in Resident Evil instead of Wonderland. Either way, the Red Queen is sadistic, and we have to deal with the bitch.”

The End

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