A Pride of JoyMature

“Mark? He’s a great kid, he’s so honest, I know he would never keep anything from me if he could. He’s just that kind. I know he doesn’t do anything dangerous at those parties he goes to, I mean I'm his Mom we talk about everything, he’s seventeen and he still hasn’t had a real serious girlfriend, let alone the sexual part. Oh my, but I just let him be about that he has so much on his plate.

“Oh he’s the best thing to ever happen to me, he’s my winner, my baby. I’m so proud of him did you know he is on two separate sports teams, he still balances all his studies, scholastic and athletic. He has tons of friends, such a busy bee, I know them all, real characters, oh and from all aspects of life. It's not just those football guys anymore, I never really cared for their manners but I think they try to be respectful now when they come by.  He had these chess playing fellows from his technologies class, but I think he was just being nice though, I don’t see them very much anymore. But now I see him hanging around and think he might be interested in theatre or some such thing, he hangs around with this cutie studious looking kid from uptown, really nice and respectful. River's his name, isn't that just sweet. He bought me this adorable owl brooch last Christmas, I wonder where I put that? Oh Marky brings him by a lot lately, I think he realizes those other friends aren’t good for him, but River's a real good kid, he’s got his head on his shoulders the right way. Oh they’re real close now.

“When it comes to Mark, what’s not to be proud of?

“He’s perfect!”

The End

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