the Pastors SonMature

I am not a faggot, I’ve never done anything like this before. I would never think of anything this perfect. It was perfect, I knew what he wanted, I knew what I needed, it felt so Right!

I met Patrick at Fielders Grocery, he was stocking shelves, I mean I knew of him, I had seen him, he went to the same school and I had seen him around but the way he reached and loaded the shelves was heaven like… I know I shouldn’t describe something so immoral, another man, like that but even Christ had a savior.He was my salvation he took me in when no others would hear my cries.

The first time we were together I had been alone for such a long time, I am the youngest of seven children born to a Baptist minister in a small town, we moved to the big city only last year after my older Brother went off to college. It's only me and my parents now, we moved to have better opportunities for the church. I love my Church they are the only consistent, my only source of inspiration. They inspire those of us who don’t have direction. But if I needed to choose I am not sure condemnation isn't living without happiness. I need an answer but how do you ask God when the answer is a lifestyle I may or may not need? 

Who would choose this torture?

Where is my salvation?

What are my options?

When do I forget about you?

Why does this have to be so hard?

How, God, do I live without you?


The End

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