the Phone CallMature

I have never been more scared in my life, as I pick up the phone to dial my hands will not allow me the strength. I find his number and press the digits one by one, a breath as the phone begins to ring I stop hesitate to hang up and she answered: "Hi Ms. Mews? Is David there?"

"Just one moment please"

My breathing is fast but doesn't trail across the line "Sure."

It feels like forever before I hear the sound I longed for "Hello?" I can not answer I want to but can't, again he questions "Hello?"

 I bring my self to it "David? Hi it’s Pat… I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from right now…"

He confirms "actually you are I thought I told you not to call me here anymore."

"I just thought we could talk about this, I really am sorry."

"For what?  For ruining my life, listen…"

"I was kind of hoping we could get together one more time, maybe just talk?"

"Listen, I told you that will never happen again… do you know how much trouble your little ass has got me in?  One close call is enough… now don’t call me anymore." I hear him bring the receiver away from his breath

 "David wait!" I need him on the line, I'm scared "What are we going to do?"

"What do you mean, what are we going to do? I am going to try and put this behind me, get my life back together, and you are going to leave me alone."

"I still love you… " I well up, why is he doing this to me.

"Do me a favor. Never say that again."

" Listen, you said you loved me too, that nothing could keep us apart" I hear nothing "David?"

"That was before… I've changed… I'm asking you nicely please just leave me alone…" I can hear regret but what regret? is he sorry I called or for what he has done to me I cry as the phone clicks. 

"David? David?" I try the receiver a few times, nothing, he is gone. "David! They’re going to kill me, please" I break down "Why me?"

Somewhere across town he was thinking

"I love you too"

The End

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