Consequences of RealityMature


I walk though I walk not into my own life; I walk in the shoes of a man I might become… I am this person though I know not how I became the stranger who walks among the living breathing world.  I am Mark I know not what I do, travelling through blindly, knowing not the consequence of the real world.  I am Mark I know not yet the impact my life will have.

The slowed motion of my life returns to normal, laughter fills the halls around me, students gather together. The last condoned act of segregation: Jocks congeal moving closer to their target, the Prep girls spread like jam across the bread which is our confined life, easily distinguished yet hidden in plain site. The halls mill with tiny groups of varied size but like to like, even the Geeks and Freaks defined from the Academics. Everyone has their place, for now.  

I have never known how i felt yet find my place.

"Excuse me"

"HEY Mark-ie, Markster, the big Marker-oni," I hate this "killer game Saturday,"  Chunk is one of my closest football friends yet the slap he lays across my buttock still urks me a little "did I tell you that…?"

"Hey Chunk, what do you need?"

"Its nothing really it’s just…" Here we go, it's the burden I bear for my lack of self control, I want to please. "I didn’t get time to finish the paper for Garland’s class. She’ll flip if I don’t give her something today." 

Today? "OK so how far did you get?"

"I almost got started but I just couldn't figure it out."  

Oh my god! enter Blake, if only he knew! 

"Hey CHUNK! Mark-ie?" another slap "Great game, again."  He leans in to licks my face 

I laugh "Blake you have got to be the most nauseating person I know. You know that right"

"what can I say, I just can't help getting laid every time you win us a game."

"I thought I smelt something rank"

"And it’s entirely your fault... let me kiss you" leans in

"Whoa buddy… not so fast smooth talker, I’m not just one of your little hussies" 

Blake was harmless but truly could use some manners, and a little hygiene that did not involve cologne

 "Mark?" Chunk grabs my attention

 Yet Blake will not let go with out a fight "Oh yeah Chunk, your sister was great… she tasted like sweet Kentucky Fried®, Umm 'finger licken' good"

And they're off "You little fucker…" Chunk takes off after Blake in a race for his life. I try to yell after them but the morning bell interupts my voice.

"See you in English, we’ll figure something…"

My life exists alongside that of others, defined only by the lines created between us.

"Did you hear?" a stoner kid gossips just outside my ear range "Pat Wriggler was caught giving David Mews head last weekend at Johnson's fuckin'' rave?" Pinner I believe he is called. This kid is not with in my world but rail thin, I understand his need to fit in, he too is closer to me than i would imagine "Yeah, imagine it ‘the spat’ of all the little fag fuckers, was caught giving David ‘pews’ Mews; a fucking pastor’s son head at some fuckin’ bush party last weekend…" 

"Does ‘daddy’ find out?" another stoner wears a knit cap and  baggy androgynous clothes concealing her true identity

"Not that I know… but it’s already all over school and now Mews bother’s gonna beat the living shit outta the faggot…"


 "You think the faggot didn't have it coming?"

 "for what?"

The frenzy of the halls had lulled as Blake pulled a chair into the center of the hall to announce "Alright listen up… I have a small announcement to make,  Kelly’s parents are out of town this weekend and in celebration I am throwing a lets trash the pool house party after Saturdays game…

Kelly was definitely the kind of girl every guy wanted to date, and at this moment the girl who was just stupid enough to let him do exactly that was pushing Blake from his chair "Yeah NO! NO! NO!" Climbs up "It’s just like a little get together I like totally think of you all as my friends, and since I am running for Class President I would like you to think of me as your friend too… "VOTE KELLY!!! Tell all of your friends"

 The bell had rung well past three minutes ago and I was still stuck in the clog of people. I would never have heard River "Mark? I just need to talk to him for like a second." 

"Get outta here faggot"

 " Listen he is a friend of mine... Mark, your friends are Assholes! a loud stomp and by the time i turned 

"What?" I saw no one.

 "Come on Mark we gotta go" Blake takes my books and hands me a flyer indicating Kelly's promise to her school "its Kelly's party"

"No, I can’t, not now." Distracted. I know I heard River "I have to go. See ya… in English…" grabbing my books

" See ya... i guess"

The End

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