This is the introduction to a science fiction genre based on arrogance and assumptions. There are a lot of options available. I hope it intrigues people.

    December 31, 2009 marked two very important events in human history. A co-op named The World Collaboration of Scientists launched the first manned deep space vessels with crew compliments of 1500. Technology discovered during an archaeology dig, and concealed, resulted in the design, and construction, of faster-then-light technology. It had appeared to the scientists who discovered it, and redesigned it, to be a gift from whatever god, or gods, they prayed to. They never gave consideration to the ancient markings labeling the site evil. Nor did they conceive any potential consequences for adapting technology, of unknown origin, based on scientific principles they did not understand.
    Unbeknownst to those scientists, another archaeological find had been discovered. December 31, 2009 would be a day to remember as a result of it as well. That discovery, containing similar technology, long buried and labeled evil by a very different ancient culture, did not produce a space vessel. It produced a variety of problems. The only one that would be publicized involved the misjudgment of an archaeologist who would activate a still functional computer. The computer maintained programming that resulted in a biological agent being released into the atmosphere on December 31, 2009. It contained nanotechnology that would forever alter the course of Earth-based evolution.

The End

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