“I have one extra!” I informed the boy happily, “wait a second while I run upstairs and get it.”

The boy nodded so I quickly ran upstairs to get the only other Bible that I had…Mom’s Bible. She wouldn’t need it anymore, so I guess she would have wanted these two to have a Bible of their own…

When I got back downstairs with the Bible Kate’s eyes widened. She looked like she was about to comment, but it didn’t get past her lips. I sighed quietly as I handed over the Bible to the boy…I had to keep reminding myself that it was what Mom would have wanted and that it was for the best.

The boy paused for a second, then his eyes widened. He hurriedly looked at his watch. “Uh-oh, we better get going Julia, we are suppose to be back home in ten minutes! Mom is going to kill us!”

Julia’s eyes widened as well and they both hurriedly excused themselves before leaving and running off toward the ‘upper class’ district. I watched them run off until they turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Then I turned to Katie and smiled at her. She smiled right back at me, “Come on big guy, let’s get back inside.”

I obediently followed her back inside the house and sat down beside her with a big sigh. After a few seconds of just zoning out, I put my arm around Katie and gave her a nuggie. “Oww, stop it!” Katie laughed

I lifted my left eyebrow playfully, “Stop it she says?” with that I proceeded to rub even faster.

“Co-nnerrr!” Katie moaned playfully as she pressed the top of her head into my chest so that I couldn’t get at it.

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. “What do you want to name our kids?” Katie asked…completely out of the blue.

“What?” I asked, taken completely off guard by the question.

“Our kids! We’re going to get married and have kids some day…so what will we name them?” Katie pushed, only half playing.

“Hmm,” I said aloud as I thought about it. Katie and I. Married. That certainly was an idea I could live with. Kids on the other hand…not sure if that was something we were ready to handle yet. As I thought of some names that I liked I began to rub Katie’s back absentmindedly. “I like Caleb…and um…Zachary…and Joshua. And if we have girls then um, Emily, or Sarah…” I trailed off, unable to come up with other names that I liked.

“Mmh, I like Sarah…I think we should call our first girl that,” Katie mumbled into my chest.

“Katie, I don’t want our kids to grow up in this society. I want them to grow up somewhere were everyone is equal, where we all do our part. Yes maybe there would be a governing class…but their job wouldn’t be to serve themselves, rather more like the job of America’s government before the Great War, where the government was made for the people by the people.”

“How can we do that?” Katie asked curiously.

I had been thinking about this ever since Katie had been kidnapped and I had finally come up with a solution. “Well, there are other continents right? Why can’t we just move over there and maybe take some of our friends with us? That way we could live all on our own…we already know how to survive on our own...we have had to do that ever since we were born! Well, we had our parents…but we have always been self-sufficient as well as providing for the ‘upper class’. If we could find a way to another continent and started our own country, we could even make it a Christian country! With Christian laws and stuff!”

“How would we get to another continent?” asked Katie enquiringly, though she seemed very supportive of the idea.

“Well…I’m not sure yet…we would have to capture a ship or a plane and load it up with all the stuff we would need to survive. I was thinking maybe we could ask the band…maybe even see if they wanted to come along with us…them and their families.”

Katie smiled, “Well, we could ask them I guess…but we should probably think of at least a rudimentary plan as to how to get a hold of a plane or ship before we—“ she was cut off by a hammering on the door.

“Open up this door in the name of the law!” came a commanding voice from behind the door. I immediately looked at Katie. “Kate,” I said seriously, “you need to go and hide in the TV room. Now.”

“But—“ she started.

“Now,” I ordered, “If someone doesn’t answer that door then they will find both of us, if I answer it and they do a preliminary search of the house, then they will assume you aren’t here. Now go!” I commanded her,

Katie looked unsure, “I will come back Katie,” I promised her. Katie adopted a pained look, but moved quickly and silently down stairs to the basement. Once I heard the basement wall close I went to the door.

“Yes?” I answered, opening the door for a squad of peacekeepers.

“You have impressed the upper class with your abilities. If you join the peacekeepers then you will not only be paid handsomely, but your family will be given close to complete freedom.” The negotiator started…obviously I had made a very, very big impression for them to have sent a negotiator to me, with the freedom to even start with that big of an offer.

“I have no family,” I sneered, the ‘upper class’ murdered the only one I had left yesterday.”

“Then you will be able to choose a group of three friends that will be given the same rights as your family would have received.” The negotiator offered.

“I want to be able to come home every night by at least four pm.” I said with narrowed eyes.

The negotiator pulled out a tiny cell-phone and made a quick call before answering me. “You may come home every night at 5 pm, no earlier,” he informed me in a voice that betrayed frustration.

I figured I shouldn’t push him too far or they would just try to use force again and I would lose all these privileges. “Alright then, I’ll come with you,” I told them, “Just let me go inside and tell my girl friend first.”

They nodded and waited at the door while I hurried downstairs and opened the basement wall. “Kate! Guess what! Your free!” I trilled excitedly.

Katie looked at me quizzically and tilted her head to one side. “What?” she asked.

“I’ve got the solution to our problems! The ‘upper class’ was so impressed by our performance when they tried to take us that they sent a negotiator with them! Now we have almost complete freedom to do just about whatever! I can get home everyday at five and you should be able to visit me while I work as well! This is great! It’s the perfect opportunity! “ I enthused.

“But…what will they do with me?” Katie asked, moving toward me.

I thought about that for a little bit before answering. “Well, since you have almost complete freedom, I see no reason why you couldn’t come with me every day, or if you would rather, you could also stay with Annie, I’m sure neither she nor her parents would mind…”

“NO!” Katie exclaimed with wide eyes, “ I want to be with you!”

I smiled and pulled her into a hug, “Alright then, you can come with me. I love you so much Kate.”

Katie pulled away after a bit. “Alright, let’s go then,” she said as she pulled me upstairs.

When we got upstairs the negotiator handed me four specially printed cards for me and my chosen friends to carry around. They were proof of our relation to the ‘upper class’ and would give us our freedom. Report to the upper classman’s villa at nine am sharp tomorrow,” the negotiator commanded before turning abruptly around and getting into the vehicle they had come in to drive off.”

I immediately handed Kate one of the cards and put the rest in my wallet, I would give the rest of the band theirs when we came for practice…hopefully tomorrow.

After the car had disappeared around a corner, I moved back inside and started preparing dinner. It was pretty simple, just some scrambled eggs with cheese and stuff, but it was nonetheless pretty tasty. Once we had cleaned our plates Kate and I turned on the TV and watched Toy Story 3. It was a really awesome movie! After it had finished, we both went upstairs and fell asleep, it had been a pretty exhausting day, and we were both pretty wiped out. 

The End

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