World War III happened and wiped out almost everyone alive. There is no longer any existing country except the U.S.A. and that has become and Oligarchy. Ruled by the few rich people left after the war. They took everything but the bare necessities from the other survivors. Now they rule them with an iron fist. Connor and his band don't like this life much...and they want to fix it...but how?

Rain. It’s wet, cold, miserable, and I hate it. I wanted to lift my head and scream at the sky, “HEY! IT’S SUMMER NOW! LEAVE OFF!” At least, I thought, I have and umbrella. Usually on the rich have umbrellas because they are not sold to the ‘lower class.’ The average family, like mine, usually has to just deal with being wet. I however, made my own umbrella and so I don’t have to quite as much.

I was on my way home from school just as it had started to sprinkle a little. So I got out my umbrella as I walked down the road. I wished I had a car for the twenty-third time that day. It would get me home faster and keep me completely dry as well. But no, cars are also only for the upper class. I heaved a heavy sigh, it would soon start raining even harder, it always does. If I didn’t get home soon I would have to wade through two-foot-deep puddles.

I heaved another heavy sigh and was about to quicken my pace when I saw Katie on the other sidewalk, heading in the opposite direction. Her shoulders were hunched against the rain and she was walking along. She lived on the other side of the city! The poor girl is going to get completely soaked!

“Darn it!” I muttered to myself as I turned around and crossed the street, why do I always have to do this? Can’t I, just once ignore my crush and not be go on about my own business? No, I suppose notI thought as I caught up with her. “Hey Katie!” I greeted as I pulled up next to her, “would you some company as you walk home?” I asked as I handed her my umbrella.

She lifted her piercingly blue eyes up to meet mine as she took my umbrella, “Yes please; and thanks Connor,” she smiled.

Yes, my name is Connor, Connor Baird, I’m sixteen, and I live in Sacramento, California. It isn’t what it used to be though; they say that once it was huge, with a population way larger than there is now. Today only about a million or so people live here in Cali and the inhabited part of Sacramento is only about four miles wide. There is only one big city left in the USA and that is Washington DC. The USA just happens to be the only country that had enough survivors after the Great War to be able to remain a country with any semblance of government and community.

The Great War pretty much completely wiped out the populations of every country except the USA and even the USA had lost most of its population, and was left with a population just under two million. Americans are now proud of themselves for being the only country in the war not to have been forced to lower the age limit for drafting below sixteen. Not only that but we still had an experienced army when the war was over; about one hundred experienced troops from before the great war had begun and about eighty children between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. After the war, the president had encouraged any and all survivors to have as many children as possible to increase the populationso most people have a lot of siblings. However shortly after having me my mom got very sick and when she finally recovered from it she was left sterile. So I am an only child. Anyways, enough with the explanationsback to Katie.

I’ve known her since the seventh grade and we have been the best of friends since then. I looked at her while she was looking forward, ruminating on some unknown subject. Her straight, red hair fell down past her shoulders to just below her chest; today she had it in a ponytail tied with lace as blue as her piercingly blue eyes. She was unbelievably thin with wide hips and long, athletic legs.  There was no shirt she could wear that would stop her from being the envy of just about every girl in school because of her perfect figure..

I sighed, so many times I would love to just sweep her into my arms and hold her close to me. The problem is that Katie is just way to shy, and I am not entirely sure how she would react to anybody, even me, hugging her.

Ah well, I suppose I’ll have to admit it to her sometime, and if she doesn’t feel the same as me, well, I don’t know, we’ll have to work it out somehow. But when to tell her? Ugh, I want to tell her, but I don’t want to find out that she doesn’t like me backbut what if she does like me back and all this work is for nothing? I sighed againit’s a good thing Katie is off in her own little world or she would have known that something was wrong and brought her beautiful blue eyes to bear on me; and then I would have been forced to tell her right then and there. 

The End

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