Where's Jerry?

Connie breathed a sigh of relief as the riff practice continued down her row. When it moved to the boys sections she risked looking around, looking for Jerry. There weren't as many boys as girls, and the practice moved rapidly. As each boy stood, Connie stole a glance. Finally the last boy stood. Jerry was not here. After each person sat, Mr. David wrote down something. Connie watched the big clock above the door, as the seconds ticked each second until the buzzer signaled the end of the period.

As the class gathered up their books, the girl next to Connie introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Stephanie Brooks."   "Nice to meet you," Connie said. "I'm Connie Wilfert, I'm new here." The two girls chatted as the wove their way out the door, then Connie asked, "Do you know Jerry Tomkins? He's suppose to be in the choir."  "I don't." Stephanie said, " But, I don't know everyone, maybe he was absent today." 

The next classes for the two girls were at opposite ends of the building, so the girls parted. Connie glance at her class list. Her next class was Speech, room 231. She hurried down the hall. Speech class was uninspiring, then it was lunch time. The lunchroom was crowded and noisy. Connie went through the line paying scant attention to what was put on her tray, her eyes combing the room for Jerry. She sat alone at one end of a table, three girls in deep conversation sat at the other end. Connie picked at her lunch as she observed the students. Then she gathered up her tray and moved to the trash bins, it was then she spotted Jerry entering the lunchroom with two buddies. He strode into the room like he owned the place.  Connie abruptly sat at a crowded table, watching Jerry and his friends move to the head of the serving line.

The End

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