Alto or Not

Quinton stepped from behind his desk and faced the new choir assembly. "Are we all present, now?" Looking directly at Connie.

Connie felt her face redden. She looked down at her lap. The girl sitting next to her nudged her and she glanced up. The girl winked at her. Just that wink was all it took to settle her nerves. Mr. David was now addressing the entire class. He told them that this was an acapella choir, and as such there was no music accompaniment, which meant that their voices must be the music.

Connie felt queasy. This was not good news to her, the only time she'd ever sang was in the shower. She honestly didn't know if she was really an alto or not. Her friend, Marybeth had told her that Jerry said this was his favorite class, but as yet she hadn't seen him. Mr. David continued his 'welcome to the choir lecture', but Connie had stopped listening, then suddenly one of the girls in the front row stood and sang "doe rae me fa so la tee doe" every note higher than the last. She sat down and the girl next to her stood and did the same. This continued for two rows. Mr. David pointed to a girl with purple dye in her hair, and said, "Miss?"  "Karen Wimple" the girl replied.

"Karen, you are not a soprano, move up with the altos. Connie stood, making room for Karen to move down her row to an empty seat. Mr. David looked at some papers on his desk, then back to his class,and said, "Okay, altos, it's your turn. The first row took turns standing and singing the riff. Connie was the first person in the second row. She could feel persperation on the back of her neck. Finally it was her turn and she stood. As she began to sing the notes, the class was interrupted by a messenger at the door. Mr. David stepped out in the hall, and Connie sat down. Mr. David returned to the classroom, a scowl on his face. "Okay, next," he said, and the girl next to Connie stood.

The End

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