Shout At The DevilMature

**Sorry for the hiatus, lots been going on lately. Here it is! Enjoy!**

     I sat and watched as Sam tossed and turned all night, feelings of helplessness flooding my would-be body. I wanted to help him, but could barely move even the smallest thing, so all I could do was watch. Dean had left in the middle of the night to go do who knows what, and i hadn't caught sight of Alexander since the ordeal the other day. I got up from my area on the floor to push open the window (it's harder than you may think, I mean, I'm a spirit) and sit upon the windowsill. As I did so, I watched in the dimly lit parking lot, a familiar '67 Chevy Impala pull up in a front parking spot. A few seconds later, Dean climbed out and began walking in through the front door.

     Moments later, he entered the hospital room. Dean threw his rugged old duffel bag on the table, startling Sam awake. Dean slouched in one of the chairs, waiting for his brother to stand up.

"Morning sunshine, ready to get started?" Dean popped open a beer, kicking his shoes up on the table.

"Dean... What the hell? What time is it?" Sam rubbed his eyes, getting up and going into the bathroom, leaving the door open.

"It's like 7 or 8...somewhere around there." Dean took another swig, standing up.

"What do you have planned today? Surely we can do something other than sit around here." Sam turned on the sink, splashing water on his face.

"How about we research a way to get your lady friend out of her little predicament?" Dean suggested, propping himself upon the door frame.

"What we need to do is get ahold of Cas. Haven't heard anything since he disappeared." Sam grabbed a jacket that was hanging up and started for my room door.

"Lets talk more over some food, alright?" Sam and Dean left, leaving my door open.

     The morning waned on painfully slow. I watched the sun rise, people come and go, and a nurse change my fluid bags. I hopped down off the windowsill and turned around. Right in front of me was Alexander, who looked a little distraught.

"Alex, you scared me." I deeply exhaled, patting the boy on the shoulder.

"S-Sorry, Isabella. I haven't been feeling right lately." We both walked out of my room, making our way down some stairs.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, genuinely curious.

"I...I've been seeing my grandmother lately. And I don't mean like, she's visiting me in my room. I mean spiritually, like how you and I are." Alexander lead me out to the exquisitely decorated courtyard that was nestled in between hospital buildings.

"What makes you think she isn't actually a person that's here to visit?" We sat upon some rocks overlooking a small pond with cattails and coy.

"Because my grandma died when I was 7, she had cancer like I do." We sat in silence for a while after that, admiring the orange fish swimming around.

     The garden was peaceful, despite being practically in the center of never-ending death and disease, but hey. There were birds chirping, people walking, and children smelling at the flowers growing at various places. The deceiving peace was nice, and I enjoyed it. That is, until natural order chimed in and everything was disturbed. Alexander's spirit began to flicker, much like mine had the other day. I looked at him in dismay, as he reached out to grab me, causing us to fall towards the pond.

     But, when we opened our eyes to find ourselves in Alexander's room. Once we'd collected ourselves, we noticed his mom gripping his hand with all she had. Her voice was shaky, and I looked up to the monitor to notice it going haywire. Once Alexander's mom realized what the heart monitor was doing, she started screaming with tears streaming down her face.

"Mom, stop! I'm right here!" Alexander ran over, but he just went straight through his mom.

"Alexander, it's no use. She can't hear you." I brought him back over, allowing him to bury his face in my shoulder and cry.

     His mom continued to scream and cry, even as the doctors worked feverishly to stop whatever was causing Alexander to go into such a vicious attack. After about 2 or 3 minutes of CPR, the monitor flat-lined. The tortuous wails of Alexander's mother was all that filled the room. The doctors called the TOD, and began unplugging everything that was attached to him. A nurse brought in a cloth to cover his body with, and they began pulling the bed out of the room.

     His mom was escorted out by the main doctor that had worked with them, and I was still stuck consoling a dead boy. Once the lights were out, Alexander and I sat on his now empty replacement bed.

"I...I can't believe I'm actually poor mother..." He kept going on, every word that escaped his lips drenched in sorrow.


The End

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