I must have a knack for passing out. Because, it happened again. When I woke, mind you I was insanely woozy, my wrists were tied extremely tight to armrests on a chair, as well as my legs to the chair legs. Looking around frantically, I was met with a dark room.

"Sam? Dean? Garrett? Castiel?" I called out, nobody answering.

"Is anyone around? Can someone please tell me where I am?" I yelled once more, only hearing my voice echo.

     Fighting against the bonds was pointless. Whichever one of them had tied these, they did a damn good job making sure I wasn't going anywhere. After a moment, several footsteps were heard. I perked up in the chair, hoping it was the boys and the angel guy. Yes, it was. Although, they didn't look too happy. All of them carried a few candles, setting them around me. The pulsating light from their flame helped me work out that the room was about the size of our motel room cut in half. Sam stood in front of me, with Castiel, Dean, and Garrett behind him.

"Mind telling us why you're here? Who you are?" Sam began, folding his arms.

"Uhm... I'm Isabella Halvar, and I'm not sure what dipshit thought it wise to just knock me out and tie me up." I gave my best half-hearted shrug and smile, casting a glance at the other 3.

"Cas said you were possessed. We are taking no chances." Dean added, standing in front of a terrified and crying Garrett.

"Isa-Isabella..." He whimpered, looking on in fear.

"I'll be fine, Garrett." I insisted, looking on him with apology.

"Oh, will you?" Sam reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a flask decorated in Catholic symbols.

"Holy Water, Sam? Really?" I raised a brow as the liquid was thrown at my face.

     With the Holy Water not working, I sat rather annoyed as the boys all discussed what they could do. My mind went back to the room I was trapped in. Devil's Traps and stuff of the like littered the walls, floors, and ceilings from what I could see. Outside, noticeable storm clouds stood out even on the approaching night sky. Thunder rumbled in the distance as Sam came over, now with Dean and Castiel.

"Cas has one more solution." Dean stated, patting the angel on the shoulder.

"I'll be right back. I have to go to Jerusalem." And with that, Castiel disappeared with the sound of fluttering wings.

"If you're not a demon, there's one more thing you could be." Dean finished, walking back over to Garrett.

"Sammy, please. You have to believe me! There's nothing wrong with me! I'm the same Izzy you knew in highschool!" I pleaded, tears beginning to cascade down my face.

"I've returned." Castiel spoke, holding a sealed, ancient looking vase.

"You went to Jerusalem in like...2 minutes?" I asked, to which the angel only looked perplexed as to why I was asking that.

     Castiel poured a perfect circle around me, using the liquid that was inside. Castiel carefully placed the vase on a nearby table, staring on as Sam walked over the ring and undid my bonds. Walking back over the ring, Sam flicked on a lighter and tossed it at the circle. It set ablaze, the flames reaching upwards of 2 feet in the air. I stood from my chair, rubbing my wrists from where the rope had been so harshly tied. Dean, Castiel, Sam, and Garrett all watched my every move.

     I'd never been afraid of fire, but something inside me wanted nothing more than to get away from the burning ring around me. I picked up on the sound of thunder, now growing stronger. Walking to the very edge of the inside of the circle, I raised a hand up just above the flames peak.

"Go on, walk over it." Sam insisted, pain and sadness present in his voice.

"Sammy, I don't unders-" I began, getting cut off by a harsh Dean.

"Just walk across, dammit!" He yelled, Garrett now walking forward in my view.

     I kept eye contact with Garrett for what seemed like forever. It's like every unspoken apology was said right then and there, and then I crossed over the fire. Or at least, tried to. The flames burned more than regular fire should, and I screamed in pain, almost like when Castiel reached for my soul. Getting sent back, I felt into a spasm. The storm grew louder, now right on top of us.

*Sam's POV*

     I watched in upset as Isabella was thrown harshly onto the floor. Every assumption I'd made tonight had ended up true. We knew she was possessed before, and now, we knew with what. As Izzy was spazzed out on the floor, the storm that had been lingering all day finally reared its head. Harsh thunder, lightning, hail, the whole 9 yards. Windows were being busted all around us, as Cas threw us into another room, shutting the door.

"Archangel!" He cried, barricading the door with some angel magic.

"Archangel?!" Garrett screamed back in confusion against the storm.

"She's possessed by an Archangel! That's why she couldn't cross the holy fire!" Dean covered Garrett's face as glass shards flew by from a busted window.

"Wait... Guys, listen." I whispered, trying to get everyone quiet. The storm had died down, only torrential downpour was happening outside this beaten house.

     Even with the rain falling so harshly, it seemed quiet. Eerily silent outside our barricaded room. More screaming was heard, and I couldn't stand it anymore. Throwing any regard for my own safety aside, I kicked through our protected door, rounding a corner to find Izzy crawling out of the holy fire ring, dusting off the now dress she was wearing, the fabric so long it reached the ground and then some. She turned, my jaw dropping when I saw her.

     Whoever- no, whatever was possessing Izzy had nearly completely changed her. Her hair was in a sophisticated do, her eyes were a never-ending swirl of white and blue, and with the next lightning crack, large black wings spawned out from her back in a shadow I saw cast on a back wall. Her legs were burned and bleeding, skin peeling off as well, the dress shorter in the front than the back.

"Oh, Sammy.~" She cooed, walking over to me.

"Izzy... What's gotten into you?" I muttered, before she flicked her hand, pinning me against a wall.

"Dean!" I yelled out, causing him, Cas, and Garrett to come running.

"Sam what the hell is this?" Dean demanded, looking on at Izzy as she turned around.

"Azael." Castiel spoke harshly, his eyes now the same mixture of white and blue.

"It's a shame you didn't remember me, Cassie. Really hurts a girl's feelings." Izzy? No, Cas had just called her Azael. Whatever it was, was now having an intense stare-off with Cas.

"Isabella! What're you doing?! Come on!" Garrett ran at the creature, only to be caught by the throat and hoisted into the air.

"Oh, Garrett. You know, Isabella liked you." Azael kept him suspended in the air, choking.

     She did the same with Garrett and Dean as she did myself, bound them to a wall. Turning back to Castiel, Azael cast a wicked grin, sending herself into maniacal laughter.

"Castiel, it's been what? Several millennium since we've spoken? I miss the chit-chat." Azael turned around, staring at me, Dean, and Garrett.

"You're supposed to be in eternal prison, Azael. Living inside this young girl is unfair to her." Cas was getting rather angry.

"Oh, but she's so much fun! Did you know, she likes that there Sammy kiddo?" Azael gestured back at me, right as my face went limp with shock and embarrassment.

"Well damn, Sammy. You know how to pick 'em." Dean laughed, his voice strained.

     While Azael had her back turned, Cas slid an angel blade from his sleeve and raised it to her back. Without thinking, Garrett and I both screamed to warn her, since she still looked like Isabella. Azael turned, grabbing Castiel by the wrist. Snapping his bones, the blade fell to the floor and Cas was sent flying against a wall. The storm picked up once more, this time, with more lightning. With the nearly constant lightning strikes, the shadow of Cas's wings were being shown.

     Azael, however, I couldn't see hers anymore. Instead, her body began to float. Lightning shot out from Azael's back in the form of wings, suspending her body in the air. Cas suspended himself too, but with now wings. The lightning wings must be Archangel exclusive. As the 2 did nothing but stare, I had an idea to maybe win over Isabella.

"Hey, Azael!" I yelled, causing her to levitate using her wings over in front of me.

"What is it, mortal child?" Her voice now had a tint of demonic.

"Remember that time in highschool, right before you disappeared, we went and saw fireworks as part of Project Graduation?" Azael raised an eyebrow, and Dean shot me a 'what the hell' look.

"I'm sure that memory is buried in Isabella's mind somewhere. After all, I did seal them away." The monster in front of me laughed, walking closer.

"I'm not talking to you, bitch. I'm talking to her, to Isabella." I continued to struggle against the spell she'd held me against the wall with.

"Sam, this is dangerous. Remember when you-" Cas was thrown into the area where we'd trapped Izzy, Azael lighting the holy fire once more with the snap of her fingers.

     Silence between all of us would've been scarier had the storm brought forth by an Archangel's presence been raging outside still. Azael squinted her eyes at me, and I swear I caught a flicker of Izzy's green for a split second. The Archangel levitated over to Garrett on her wings made of lightning, grabbing him by the throat, and tearing him from the wall. While Garrett kicked and choked against Azael's grasp, she did nothing but deliriously grin.

"Isa-Isabe-Isabella..." He choked, his eyes starting to go bloodshot.

"Oh, what is it? She really did love you, though. Too bad your last talk with her was in anger!" Azael screamed, throwing Garrett against a nearby wall.

"Isabella! I'm sorry! Please, come back to me!" Garrett's bloodshot eyes were filling up with tears as he looked on in horror.

"She's right here, Garrett. I don't know what you're asking." The Archangel's hand swirled, bright blue and white energy forming into a blade.

"Azael, stop!" Cas demanded, still trapped by the holy fire.

     Making her hand into a fist, Azael sent Cas into a ball on the floor, writhing in pain. Turning back to the immobilized Garrett on the floor, she traced down his face with the back of her hand, smiling. Allowing her lightning wings to diminish, Azael sat Garrett up, readying the blade in her hand.

"You're nothing but a despicable distraction!" Azael screamed, plunging the blade into Garrett's chest.

"No! Garrett!" I screamed, breathing heavily.

     As Garrett lay choking on his own blood, the storm stopped. Not only that, but the holy fire ring and our spell keeping us against the wall stopped. As I eyed Cas and Dean, screaming from Izzy's body filled the air. She immediately looked at Garrett, and began erratically sobbing. Picking him up in her arms, she held him right up against her body. I rushed over, sitting on my knees next to her.

"" Garrett weakly whispered, placing his cold hand on her face.

"G-Garrett, I'm so s-sorry..." Izzy's hands gripped his arm tighter, making him wince.

"Pro-Promise me...something..." His voice was getting quieter, and I'm sure we all knew what was happening.

"Y-Yes? Anything, G-Garrett." Isabella looked directly at his blood infused eyes, once shining with life.

"Always...keep...fighting..." Were Garrett's last words as he fell limp in Izzy's embrace.

     Her banshee worthy cries filled the air. Dean and Cas looked on in sorrow, as I placed a hand on her back. Why had Azael suddenly disappeared? Either way, Izzy would've found out about this soon enough. 

"Izzy, is there anything I could do?" I offered in the most sincere tone I could take on.

"He's dead, Sammy! He's fucking dead and it's all because of me!" She screamed, looking at me with agony filled eyes, the green colour back.

"Here, we'll bury him, alright? He'll have a proper hunter's funeral." I hugged Izzy, Garrett's lifeless body still in her arms. Suddenly, the storm picked up again, and I was thrown against the wall, sliding along the wood floor.

"He was insignificant! I wanted her to see what she did! Her beloved dead, at her own hands!" Azael was back, the blue energy glowing stronger from her eyesocket.

"Quick, Dean!" I heard Cas yell.

     Dean came up to Azael while she was distracted at me. He struck her forcefully in the side of the head, knocking her dizzy while he held her arms back. Cas ran up, angel blade in hand.

"Cas, no!" I shrieked, but was too late.

     The angel blade plunged into Izzy's body, causing the room to seemingly burst at its seams with the blinding light. Once the initial blast was over, the same energy came forth through her eyes and mouth, dwindling into the air, disappearing. Dean slung Izzy's body on the ground, and I rushed over to him. At the last strike of lightning, large black wings were seen shadowed on the floor underneath her.

The End

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