I don't remember much from whatever accident had happened. What I do know, however, is that I somehow gathered strength to hurl Garrett towards a bookshelf, splintering it. Afterwards, it took all of Sam, Dean, AND Bobby to hold me back. I must've passed out afterwards, because now all I could tell was that my eyelids felt like 2 ton bricks on my face. When I finally opened my eyes, they were met with the sight of Sam's chin.

"S-Sammy...what happened?" I muttered, coughing a few times.

"Izzy, you're awake! Are you hurting? Do you feel sick?" Sam helped me sit up more in his arms, my head resting on his shoulder.

"What's going on? Where is everyone?" I felt extremely nauseated, but didn't want to burden Sammy.

"Garrett is bandaging himself, Bobby and Dean are packing the cars, and me... Well, I've been keeping watch on you for about an hour." Sam petted the back of my head gently.

"What time is it?" I tried looking around for a clock but didn't seem to find one.

"4:30. We'll head out as soon as Garrett is done fixing himself up. Get some rest, okay Izzy?" Sam lightly patted my back, allowing me to rest in his grasp.

*Time Skip*

     The next time I awoke, I felt much better. My eyes were easier to open, and my limbs didn't feel like they weighed an ass-ton. But, I was in a car. Not the Trans Am, the Impala. Without Garrett, and with Sam driving. Stretching in my seat, I allowed a loud yawn to escape.

"Welcome to the world of the living." Sam joked, turning up the radio to where I could make out Alice Cooper playing.

"Heya, Sammy. What time is it?" I asked, playfully punching him in the arm.

"Check your phone." Sam's tone was that of a child who'd just done something mischievous, but thought it funny.

     Reaching for my phone in my jacket pocket, I pressed the home button so that it showed the lockscreen. The background image had been changed from a collection of my favourite fictional characters, to a picture Sam had taken. In the picture, Sam was flashing a dorky-ass smile, with me knocked out in the passenger seat, my mouth open. Oh, and it was 9:53.

"Dammit, Sammy!" I laughed, flicking his ear.

"Hey, don't distract the driver!"  He cast a quick glance at me, smirking.

"I'm hungry as all hell. When're we stoppin'?" I popped my knuckles against the dash, looking at the trees passing by.

"Well, we're just on the other side of Rapid City. Call Dean and see what he thinks." Sam pressed harder on the gas pedal as the car in front of us turned off.

     Once I'd gotten off the phone with Dean, I told Sam that there was a small town along the southern border that wasn't much off of our route. That's where we could eat and look for a motel to stay at later tonight. The ride to the town took about another 45 minutes, but we survived. I started feeling a minor headache come on, but figured it was just because of the events of the morning. Once we parked, I heard another engine roar up beside us. Getting out of the Impala, I was greeted with the sight of Garrett, Dean, and my lovely Trans Am.

     We all 4 walked into the diner style establishment we'd chosen to eat. The waitress led us to our table. Me next to Sam, Dean next to Garrett. My headache was getting stronger, but I pushed it away. Once I'd placed my order, I excused myself from the boys and escaped to the bathroom. Now, my eyes had started to burn. Locking the door with clammy palms, I turned, panting, to the mirror. With my face just inches from the glass, I saw my normally green eyes being filled with an electric blue.

"What... What the hell?" I whispered, using my first 3 fingers to pull down the skin under my eye, granting me a better look.

"Hey, Izzy? You alright?" A knock at the door came. Dean.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I nervously called back, my voice shaky.

"Well, uh...the foods ready." After his sentence, the sound of footsteps walking away allowed me to sigh in relief.

"You better cut it out, dammit." I whisper-yelled at myself, walking out of the bathroom.

     Sliding back into the booth, I began to eat my lunch. As I ate, my headache continued to peak and repress, never staying at one level of pain. It must've been noticeable, because Sam leaned over to where he was whispering in my ear.

"You alright? Should we look for a closer motel?" He suggested, putting a hand on my back.

"I-I think I'll be fine..." I whispered, taking another bite of food.

"So, Isabella. Think you're ready to be in the same car with me?" A chill ran down my spine as Garrett spoke.

"I-I guess so...?" My answer was more of a question itself.

"I think she should stay with me. Her medicine is already in the Impala should she feel worse." Sam stated, casting Garrett a cold glance.

"Well, then. While you two have your battle of the sexes... I found a motel just a few hours outside of where we are now." Dean set his phone down, taking a giant swig of his drink.

"Perfect. Let's go." Annoyed at Sam and Garrett, I tossed some cash for a tip on the table and ran out the restaurant.

     The direction we would be heading was lightly darkened by storm clouds. Perfect, hopefully rain will calm down my impending migraine... Reaching into my jacket, I pulled out a cigarette and lighter. Catching the end of it. I placed the cigarette in my mouth and my hands in my pockets, resting against the passenger door of the Impala. It was another 10 minutes or so before Sam, Dean, and Garrett came out. I kicked the cigarette butt into the gravel, climbing into the car without saying a word to anyone.

     The ride to the motel was tedious and fairly quiet. Sam and I didn't talk much, except for him occasionally making sure I was still okay and didn't need to stop. Every now and then, I'd check my phone for texts from either Dean or Garrett, but nothing. The hours seemed to go on forever, but before I knew it, we were pulling into the motel parking lot. Sam removed the keys from the ignition, getting out to open the trunk. Reaching for the backseat, I retrieved my duffle bag and exited the Impala.

      My migraine was almost crippling. What was causing it? Who the hell knows. I had to wait outside the motel room as all 3 boys decided it took the combination of them to retrieve the room key. I almost passed out right as Garrett was rushing towards me.

"Isabella! Are you alright?" He asked, the worry in his voice was actually comforting.

"M-Migraine..." I whispered, my left eye twitching from the pain.

"Sam! Dean!" Garrett yelled, as Sam hastily unlocked the hotel room.

"Is that..." Dean whispered, as Garrett and Sam helped me to stand.

"Cas?" Sam asked, surprised by this guys appearance.

"This is urgent. Come in." The man identified as Castiel shut the door behind us as we walked in.

"Here, set her on the bed." Garrett handed me over to Sam so he could run and retrieve things from the car.

     I couldn't for the life of me figure out who this Castiel character was, or why my headache had peaked once I got here. Could it have something to do with him? Who knows. I sighed in relief as my body was carefully laid down on the cool bedding, right next to the window. Sam sat on the edge of the bed, as Dean peered at the man in a trenchcoat. Who was he, exactly...?

"Cas? How'd you get down here, let alone know what motel we were staying at?" Dean questioned, pulling up a chair.

"Sam prayed to me. He says he's worried about your female companion." Castiel looked over at me, his eyes resembling the sun if you looked at it from underwater.

"Y-Yeah, I did. Think you can figure out what's up? Put some angel mojo on her?" Sam stood, walking over to Castiel. Wait... Angel?!

"I can try my best to see what's wrong." Castiel walked over, now standing beside the bed, looking down at me.

     I struggled to keep my eyes open. Sweat was racing down my face, and I kept breaking out into cold sweats. The migraine had grown so intense, my entire head was numb. Castiel raised his hand, placing his palm on my forehead. Garrett walked into the motel room right as Castiel removed his palm, emotions rampant on his face. Garrett sat some hunting weapons and the laptop down on the circular table in the room. Sam walked next to Castiel, with Dean and Garrett watching also.

"So? What's wrong with her?" Sam asked, his arms folded.

"Sam, what the hell is thi-" Garrett was cut off by Dean, who kept him back with his arm.

"I'll have to look into her soul. Her whole body has an entire lock on it, which is unusual." Castiel turned to the 3 boys, who were watching with concern.

"Sam, Dean, you've seen this before. It's best you take this other boy outside the motel room while I do this." Dean listened to the supposed angel, taking Garrett and showing him outside.

"Cas...if I could-" Sam begged, tears in his eyes.

"Sam, outside. Now." Castiel's tone was harsh. Why was he persistent on getting them to leave? Why was Sam crying?

     As Sam finally left, Castiel arranged the pillows so that I was at a slight sit-up. My sweats had stopped, but my head still felt congested beyond all belief. Castiel leaned over me, using an arm to keep himself up.

"I'm so sorry..." He muttered, sticking his hand into my ribcage.

     The screams that escaped my throat were something horrifying. Castiel wasn't breaking any bones, yet I felt like everything in my body was being liquefied and shattered. Apart from my screams, there was also furious pounding on the motel door, pleading voices from Garrett trying to get in. Castiel continued, his hand going further into my body until he was almost elbow deep. In all this excruciating pain, my mind never thought to process where exactly he was reaching... The only thing I knew was that he was 'looking into my soul'. Castiel's eyes widened quickly, as he ripped his arm from my torso, causing more bloodcurdling screams to leave my lips.

"Cas! What the hell?!" Sam screamed, running in.

"Sammy, calm down. You know what he did." Dean held his brother back, looking at me apologetically.

"What the fuck did you do to Isabella?!" Garrett was furious, which both made me happy and scared. The boy was frightening when he was riled up.

"Isabella's soul is very weak, almost as if something's attacking it. Your female here is battling for her body." Castiel looked at me with extreme worry, that hasn't matched anyone's I've ever seen, including Garrett.

"Like w-what?" Sam stuttered, wanting nothing more than to rush over and lay by my side.

"Isabella has been possessed." Castiel finished, causing Sam to drop to his knees and Garrett slump into a chair.


The End

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