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Isabella (Izzy) Halvar was the top musical and science prodigy in her highschool. She was extremely popular, and liked by many. Isabella had the capability to hang out with or have anyone she wanted. But, despite everyone's opposition, she went for the rugged, but equally as smart, Sam Winchester. Isabella and Sam hung out all the time, since his dad was away on work day after day. Sam told her little, but the most important thing was that he was only going to be around long enough to graduate...which was in 2 weeks.

**This prologue is told in 3rd person** 

     The first bell rang, signaling the start of the school day. Isabella Halvar, a 17 year old senior at South Valley High, practically skipped to her first class. She knew that in just a couple short weeks, her mind would be free of school until she started college. As she sat at her desk, her favorite familiar face trudged into the room.

"Hey, Sam!" She called, pushing up her glasses.

"Morning, Izzy." Sam yawned, tossing his rugged backpack onto the table.

"You look stressed, are you alright?" She tilted her head to the side, eyes pinned on the brown haired male.

"Dean kept me up all night." He scoffed, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, boo. Ready for that test today?~" She puffed out her lower lip, soon returning to a smile.

"Ah, hell. As I'll ever be." Sam groaned, picking out a half-used pencil from his bag.

     The class yearned on, the only sound in the room belonging to the ticking of the second hand on the clock. Isabella tore a piece of notebook paper from her binder once she was done with the test, wrote on it, and slid it over to Sam. "You free after school?" her girly, neat handwriting occupied the first line. Sam scribbled a response, and passed it back. "Sure, what for?", Isabella looked up, making sure the teacher wasn't staring her down. "Icecream, I was thinking?". The bell rang, allowing the students to file out.

     The pair walked on to their next class, the usual teasing from their peers about Isabella hanging out with someone like Sam. Isabella was a popular girl, whom many adored. She was in the marching band, taking on the role of tenors in the drumline. She also did tennis, dividing her time between the sport, band/drumline, and Sam. Literally anyone she wanted could get wrapped around her finger, but she chose him. They sat down in their next class, when Sam's phone began to go off.

"Who is it, Sammy?" Isabella inquired, poking her head onto his shoulder.

"It's Dean. He says dad's come home early. I have to go." Sam shot up, grabbing his backpack and leaving the classroom.

"Sam, wait!" She cried after him, looking reluctantly at her peers before throwing her bag on her shoulder and reaching for her keys.

     Sam stopped just outside the school, heading to the football stadium where his brother would pick him up. He turned around, noticing Isabella had followed him.

"What the hell, Izzy? You're going to be counted truant!" Sam yelled, causing the female to flinch.

"I-I just...wanted to make sure we could still go out for icecream..." Isabella whimpered, twiddling her thumbs.

"Fine, whatever. Just...don't do anything stupid. And ignore Dean." Sam scoffed, slumping his shoulders and walking next to her.

     Isabella stood next to Sam, occasionally picking nearby purple flowers and tying them together at the stems. Once she finished, Isabella placed her handmade flowercrown on her head and laughed. Sam looked down at the ginger female, her long ponytail swaying in the light breeze. The tender moment was interrupted, however, when the sound of an engine revving became louder and louder. The black '67 Impala Isabella had seen maybe once or twice rolled up. The window slid down, revealing the face of Sam's older brother, Dean.

"Dean, where's dad?" Sam inquired, opening the backseat for Isabella.

"He's at home, waiting for us. And who the hell is this?" Dean motioned back to the girl, who sat awkwardly behind Sam.

"I'm Isabella." She barely mustered, not making eye contact.

"Ohhhh, Sammy. This is the girl you talk about?" With Dean's laughter, Isabella's face turned strawberry red.

"Whatever, Dean! Just drive." Sam turned his face out the window.

     The trio arrived shortly thereafter at the motel the brothers were currently staying. As they walked in, their dad turned around. He gave Sam a tight hug, and patted Dean on the shoulder. Once his eyes met Isabella, he smiled genuinely.

"Sam, while I appreciate the company of a friendly face, I'm afraid she can't stay. And neither can we." His father's words were cold, and shocked the boys and Isabella.

"Dad, why the hell not?" Sam started, earning an eye-roll from Dean.

"Dammit, Sam! You know why!" His dad made a fist, but stopped when he heard light whimpering from the girl Sam had brought with him.

"Isabella, let me take you home, alright?" Dean offered, extending his hand.

"S-Sam...what about icecream?" As her forest green eyes met that of the tall brunette, he sighed and shifted his gaze to that of his father.

"Dean, take her home. Sam and I have much to discuss." Sam's dad cast a stern glare his way, as Dean lead Isabella out the door and to the Impala.

     Isabella sat in the passenger seat, sitting back against the leather and awaiting to arrive at her house in some wealthy suburb district. Dean had the radio on, which currently was playing everything from Kansas, to Def Leppard, to Bon Jovi, and back to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Isabella listened to everything, but no music could match what she felt right now. Dean kept looking at her, not being able to see past her ginger hair.

"Hey, uh...Isabella, right?" The male started up conversation.

"Yes?" Isabella whimpered, not looking at Dean.

"Y'know, I've never met you before 'officially' besides today. I can already say, you're good for Sam." Dean turned onto the street he'd remembered Sam telling him earlier.

"Th-Thank you, Dean." Isabella quietly responded, nodding in appreciation for the ride as the left the Impala.

     Once Isabella opened the door, she could immediately feel something was off. The house had a dead energy to it, which was totally different than its normal happy, up-beat vibe. Once she rounded the corner, Isabella shrieked in horror at the sight before her. Her mother lay on her side, blood puddled on the floor from a wound to the neck. Her father was slumped over the couch, as if he had been thrown. As she went to roll her mother over, tears began cascading down her face.

"M-Mom..." She held her moms head, hugging it to her. As she pulled away, Isabella noticed her mother's eye sockets had been completely burned out.

     Isabella was attempting to take in all of this, when a high pitched whine began to engulf the house. She dropped her mother's corpse, using her hands to cover her ears. Isabella watched as every glass object around her shattered, their pointed shards falling to the tile-wood floor. Once the whining intensified, a bright light shone through the windows.

"...what?" Isabella asked aloud. The ringing sound seemed to be forming into words now.

"I can't understand you!" The redheaded female screamed back, as the light and whining sound diminished.

"Is this better then, Isabella?" A chilling voice wove through the air.

"H-How do you know my name...?" Isabella backed away from the  shadowy body that appeared to levitate.

"I'm an angel. I know everything about everyone. I'm Azrael." The figure now identified as Azrael tilted its 'head' to the side.

"Did you do this?!" Isabella screamed, charging at the figure who only dissipated into air, re-forming behind her.

"Indeed. For I bring news." The figure raised both arms, creating a window (for lack of a better term) that showed people running around rampant, using whatever they could to kill each other.

     Isabella watched intently as people with soulless black eyes brutally beat civilians. Their prey didn't discriminate on age, race, gender, whatever. Her green eyes using the lenses of her glasses to focus, kept covering her mouth in shock and awe.

"Why are you showing me this...?" Isabella wiped away a tear.

"Because. I need somewhere to hide and lay dormant for a period of time. You are my perfect vessel." The shadow walked closer, now in front of Isabella.

"What's there to hide from?" She began to back away.

"The natural cycle of death is messed up, and Heaven's upset. I need to hide." The figure seemed to be pleading.

"What's in it for me?" Isabella sternly asked. Well, it was more of a demand.

"You get to see your parents again." Was all the raspy-voiced stranger responded.

     Isabella could not, for the life of her, figure out what was currently going on in front of her. She wasn't a skeptic, but also didn't quite believe something like this could happen. But, after walking in on her parents dead, she was desperate. 

"Fine. Whatever will get me to see my parents again." Isabella formed fists at her sides, tears threatening to blot her face.

"That's just the answer I needed..." A low, murmuring laugh echoed through the air as the shadow that stood before her became a swirling cloud of energy.

     The cloud charged at Isabella, to which she flinched before it entered her body. As her head snapped back forward, a devilish smile crept across her face.

"I think it'll be more interesting if I lay dormant for a while..." This was the being talking inside of her body.

     Isabella dropped to the floor, the supernatural being she had seen now laying dormant in the backs of her mind. Her body lay sprawled out on the tile wood floor, next to the bloodied body of her mother.

*Time Skip* 

"Sammy, I'm sure she's fine." Dean remarked, popping the tab off a beer.

"Dean, Izzy always answers me. It's been a while. I think we should go to her house." Sam nervously paced the tiny floor area of their motel room.

"Ugh, fine. If you'll stop whining like a baby." Dean downed more liquor, leaving the bottle on the counter-top. He dug out his keys, before Sam snatched them from his fingers.

"Uh, no." He simply stated, shutting the door behind them.

     The brothers hopped in the Impala, as Sam fired it up and headed for Isabella's house. As Sam pulled in the driveway, he immediately shot out of the car at the sight of the front door hanging open, not even bothering to remove the keys from the ignition. Dean followed shortly after, still a little buzzed. Sam was standing with his hands on his head, not moving.

"Sam, what's the matter?" Dean interjected, as he walked in and saw the sight that had captivated his brother.

"Isabella, Isabella! Are you there? Are you with us?" Sam eagerly asked as he got on his knees, scooping up the girl.

"S-Sammy..." Isabella whispered, almost inaudibly.

"Dean, we have to go! She could be hurt!" Sam rushed out the house, back for the car.

     Sam waited for Dean to get in the passenger seat, so he could hand him Isabella. His reasoning, was, "it's quicker than fixing her up in the back". Sam drove as fast as the car could take them, back to the motel. Upon entering their room, the boys found their dad hanging up the phone.

"Sam, Dean! What the hell happened?" John inquired, helping Sam carry Isabella to a nearby bed.

"Her parents were murdered. Mothers throat slit, father bent with awkwardly placed limbs over the couch." Dean returned to the bottle he'd left sitting.

"I'll go check it out. Sam, stay with her. Dean, you come with me." John headed out the door, his oldest following with a bottle to his lips.

"Don't worry, Izzy. You'll be okay." Sam gazed upon the comatose female with teary eyes.

     As everyone slowly got settled in for yet another night, Dean agreed to sleep on the floor so Sam could be with Isabella. She had not yet woken up, which worried everyone in the slightest. While everyone was fast asleep, John snoring in the back, Isabella sat up in her bed, eyes fully open. Sam noticed shortly thereafter, and propped himself up on an elbow.

"Isa-Isabella, what're you doing? Are you okay?" Sam rubbed his eyes, peering up at the female.

"I cannot stay here. I must go." She responded, monotonously.

"What do you mean, you can't stay? What's going on?" Sam was getting louder, to which Isabella put a finger on his lips.

"I'm sorry, Sammy. Maybe we'll meet again." And with that, she disappeared with a swift breeze.


The End

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