Congratulations, I Heart YouMature

I was sitting in 8th period when a tall blonde kid came into the room with a yellow slip of paper and a couple of textbooks. The guy said nothing as he handed the slip to my teacher, Ms. May, and then she told him to take a seat next to me.

“Everyone, we have a new student. His name is Brad Schubert.” Ms. May said

Ms. May went back to teaching and I heard Brad whisper to me.


“Hi…” I said copying his tone of voice

“You’re kind of hot.” He said

I let out a giggle and Ms. May turned around to see what was funny.

“Is there something funny about William Shakespeare, Miss. Ashlee?” Ms. May said “Yes, ma’am…I mean no ma’am, not at all!” I said nervously

“Ok…” She said as she turned back to the board slowly.

I let out a sigh of relief.

I listened for a couple of seconds to what Ms. May was saying and then I realized that Brad was staring at me, so I stared back. The bell rang and as I walked to my locker, Brad began to talk to me again.

“So…care to show me to my next class?” he asked

“Sure, what do you have 9th period?” I asked

“Chemistry, Mr. Baldwin…” he said

 “Okay, then follow me” I said as I walked to Chemistry

We got to class and I sat down while Brad went to go give Mr. Baldwin a yellow slip of paper.

“Class, settle down! New student! This is Brad Schubert.”

He said We took a test and Mr. Baldwin made Brad take the test too.

When we were all finished, we graded it and then the bell rung; school was over for the day.

“You wanna grab a bite to eat? You know, get to know each other?” Brad asked me as he trailed behind me in the crowd that was piling out of the front doors.

“Sure.” I said trying to hide my excitement

He caught up with me and then took me to his car.

“You have a Dodge Charger?!?” I asked

“Yeah, do you know your cars?” he asked

“Do I know my cars?!? Yeah, this is a black Dodge Charger…1987?” I said

“Yeah, well maybe we should go to my place and work on some cars instead of getting some greasy burgers.” He said

“If it’s convenient…” I said

“Ok, oil, gas, and grease instead of greasy burgers it is.” He said as he drove away from the school.

"What did you get on that test in chemistry?" i asked

"100%" he said

"Are you kidding me? I got a fucking 17%!" i said

"I am kidding you...i got a 99%" he said as we drove into the wooded areas of town.

The End

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