Conflict waves

She was in her way to work earlier than the usual time to avoid the goodbye moment with her colleagues despite short time she spent in it but she proved her efficiency and gain appreciation and praise of her boss and impressive all around.

That job was getting by her uncle “Samy” who leaved country since fifteen years to Kuwait to build up his future in field of tread .He settled there and made a nice family. So he able to got her this job as a secretary in Public Relations in company works in field of tread that give her an opportunity to start a new beginning to her life away from her painful memories of failure marriage.

 She traveled to Kuwait and lived with her uncle for a while. After a month she had getting own flat in the same building to be nearby her uncle to avoid gossip to coveted for being young divorce woman .

Once she got the job then she done her best to win praise of everyone. She limited   her relations with fellows; especially men were located restrictions and barriers between them to distance her away from their plans.

 So the whole surprised by her resignation that she claimed to marriage proposal  even her uncle could not understand what her reason to return to homeland but she convinced him that the sense of lonely alienation, and missing friends.

 Finely he accept it her reason where he passed that sentiment  before in his beginning of life ,but it’s different now where he made a family that put down the  lonely sense and adapt well with community  with people there even cannot divided him from their habits .

 She emptied her office drawers from her stuff and put it in a box which she asked office boy to bring it, when she finished gathering her stuffs   she had looked back up at whole office one last time then leaved head to the elevator where the office boy followed carrying her box .

At the elevator she opened her purse and drove out envelope and asked him to deliver it personally to Mr. “Essam Abd Alrhman “ in  Department of Accounts and then gave him his tips and ordered him to left the box at security office .

She entered elevator which was a witness to the beginning of her story where her first meet with “Essam”.  She was coming hurry from entrance door after Lunchtime had finished and in her attempt to catch it he stopped it to her then she entered and thanked him then she pushed the button on the twelfth floor.

As soon as the elevator moved she glanced to him, he was a man almost in middle- age; Arabic features, short brown hair, and he shoved his hands in the pockets of his grey jeans and provided a contrast to his black shirt in casual style...

 It just a brief moment the door opened on the fourth floor and a slight young man about twenties entered and greeted them, she replied him but the other man nodded his thanks as he did with her, so she thought he had a problem with talk, and she noticed that he had  stood head down since she entered the elevator up to moment .

On the contrary, the other man who entered from a moment where he did not stop staring at her even she frowned to him but that did not stop him enough, then the door opened the first man come out without wait for her exit while the other one was invited her with smiley face to come out and she gave no attention to him and headed toward her office.

Although the time approaches to five o’clock pm but her colleagues did not attend yet, and then she busy to perform some tasks and preparing some reports,  then  just a few moments her colleagues came and started work

Meanwhile work she needed  some  reports from the Department of Accounts , so phoned but the line was busy long time that she went to bring it by herself to save time and finished it quickly .

The Department of Accounts was on the other side of floor, when she entered the office did not find the manager in his desk, so she was waiting, minutes later she heard a voice behind says:

“Hi, How can I help you?” he asked.

She turned and then stood, she was surprised that he is the man who met him in elevator and then she introduced herself to him and asked him the required reports.  He sat on his desk and stared to attend her reports and prints it from his computer, during that she was watched him carefully after he had completed printing papers, he gave it to her and then she thanked him.

In the way to leave she had a quick look back to him and she found that he look at her also, so with his embarrassment he turned quickly, and putting his face in the papers before him .It seem that he has shared her the same curiosity which it acquired during the printing of papers and then she smiled and turned back to her office.

At lunch time she did not had the desire to eat abroad so she went to cafeteria to had some juices with cakes and there she talked with the worker in public topics, suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her

“Would you get me a cup of coffee please?” he said

When she turned around, he notices her:

”I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you?” he said. She nodded said: “It’s Okay”


Then he leaved after asked the worker to bring his coffee to office when paid attention to end of break time she turned behind him to her office.

Before the leaving time she had a call from her uncle that invited her to share his family the dinner abroad. In the way to descend she saw “Essam” stood with some colleagues so she stood away. When the elevator arrival they entered and one of them invited her to joined she thanked him .Once the elevator stops she walked hurry towards the exit door where she saw her uncle was waiting her in his car then boarded it with them.

Thus her life continued in the same routine  from work to house and vice versa , she did not know a lot about Kuwait only the shopping places that she visited with her uncle’s family  so she had not friends even her colleagues in office are married but she did not merge with them yet.

 So as soon as she returned home she was chatting with her family relatives and friends where she spent most of her time exchanged common interests with them such as songs.

One day, she was occupied to preparing some reports required for the meeting of Board of Directors will hold in tomorrow, due to the absence of her colleague she replaced  so she worked up  and  considered that her first test to prove her efficiency by done her best efforts .

Whilst  she needed some accounting data so decided to got it by herself,” Essam “ was sitting on his desk and working on his computer after she had greeted him then asked him to preparing  the required documents when she was tried to sat waiting  he told her that  would send it after completed papers , she felt embarrass so she turned to door and left the office quickly and she was angry with his behave and decided not to go to his office again.

After she had lunch abroad and return to her office she ordered a cup of coffee from the Cafeteria  and sat drink it while that she tried to find a reason about her sudden change toward her even if this were his way to dealing with others she can’t accept it .

So she preferred to dealing with him through only phone or e-mail during that the phone rang and he was informed her that he finished the required documents and will send it she responded firmly without any thankful wards and closed the line.

 Thus the days passed with the same routine between work and home, so she did not think about the future but only she accepted what life has gave to her, it is enough that she got rid of a failed marriage which  is not contain more than two years only did not find herself in  , and gain her freedom in spite of the anger from relatives  because her insisting of divorce but they accept it finely.

Even it only two years passed on her marriage but she felt it as twenty years so that was filled with pain and regret, she moved on, find a new life and new dreams away from family is best to her. Her sense sincerity and returned her vitality which she had lost a long time.

Throughout the week she did not contact with Essam only through her colleagues as if she declared war against him by her own way to learn him how to deals with her in future.

With increasing work responsibilities she worked up her skills so her efficiency impressed her boss so she had a promotion as assist to private secretaries that decided to celebrate with her uncle and his family in broad.

Next day after work she had prepared to celebration of her promotion, she was in her way to elevator when she found Essam stood his back to her so she hesitated a bit between to stay or wait and get off later.

But cut her hesitate ringing of phone then he alert to her existence so turned look at her without say no words that she slugged him and response to caller, he is her uncle told her that they in wait her ,with the arrival of elevator she entered after him and completed her talk with her uncle .

Once the elevator down she went quickly heading towards the exit door and she caught a glimpse of her uncle’s car then went to it .While that she was felt his stares followed her then she boarded the car and caught look from the back seat and found his eyes followed her until the car moved on then he disappeared from sight, she was enjoyed the evening with her uncle’s family.

Next day she busy responds some e-mails that sent to and from other departments and she found a massage from him:

“I am sorry about my silly way to deal with you, I hope you accept my apologize…Essam”

She read the massage several times in an attempt to understand the reason behind this sudden change of his behavior and then she was retaining it in her mail folder and delayed response it.

In the evening she tried to read his massage once again to discover what behind it but she failed to understand it , even he was tense at that moment why he waited long time to apologize where he had a several chance and what has changed between today and yesterday?.

She was so curious to know the reason behind his change towards her, despite of her curiosity but she ignored heart massage which forecast the birth of a new feeling within.

Two days later, she was surprised to saw him stood in front her where he brought the reports which she requested from his department and she did not expect he’d bring it by himself so she gazed to him through her eyeglasses then he said:

“Good morning Mrs. Randa. I brought the reports, and I hope you accept my apology.”

She gazed deeply into his brown eyes where their eyes contact where having mysterious sense on her, she alerted to his voice repeated:

” Will you accept it?”

” Off course, I do.” She responded

  And she thanked him for coming and brings the reports by himself.

Then he went to his office, and left her more confusing than before so she decided to leave the think about it later …

At the break time she sat in her office think among herself in attempt  to collect  scattered thoughts in her mind and assembled together to find the real reason behind his lately actions . And most importantly is that feeling which flow with his presence.

with days she noticed his interest in her, where he attend the reports requested by himself and many times they met in cafeteria where they were talking in various topics but she never involved in personal matter. And through their talk she known about his interests in writing poems and shared with his friends.

So their meets continued uninterrupted that sparked the curiosity of her colleague whom noticed his frequent coming recently to office so she asked her:

“Randa, Is there something between you and Mr. Essam?”

The question bothered her so she responded by denying anything except a fellowship only.

Since that day she decided to stopped meet him even by chance to avoid  gossips around them , even in break  time she had her lunch abroad and came in exactly time to avoid met him in elevator beside that she stopped to went to his office under any condition. When he came to bring the reports by himself she was out office or made any excuses to get out at the same time.

It seems he felt her ignoring him and avoided meet so he stopped going to her office any more that felt comfortable temporarily but within herself known that there is unknown sense about him could not explain it yet.

During district that posed on her, she could not stop her mind of thinking about him and with no knowledge a lot about his latest news.

Throughout the short time she know him so  she was able to get an overview about him that he is simplicity and sensitively person and even in their meet  he never try to look at her in bad way that she used by most men .

After a week she could not bear the province self-imposed more so she picked the phone and called his office and she expected that he’ll  replied but another person answered thus told her Mr. Essam was in sick leave then she closed the line with a sense of regret  and she was the reason behind his leave.

Unfortunately she did not know his phone number nor could not demand  from his colleagues that would raise their gossipy So she had  to wait until his back from his vacation  that tried to melt the ice mountain which was build between them …

In the evening she sat down with herself and tried to explain her concern to him although she had a less knowledge about him, but her concern to him increased by time throughout her life no one busy her mind.

Even with her ex- husband she did not passed that senses with him but  many times she preferred being alone ,due  to their  different personality and interests  where causes many problems and she could not bear to handle with it any more so her divorce came in right time .

Over time they discovered the fact that they were far from ideally suited, so he married after a few months from their divorce, perhaps that eased the pressure on her by relatives about her divorce , but her considered that a good sign to start a new chapter of her life.

Cut her thinking the door bell rang and she went to see whom come , he is her uncle came to reassure her because he did not saw her for nearly a week so he thought  she is sick, then he invited her to join his family in a dinner but she apologized with a  promise to do it tomorrow .

After his uncle had down to his flat she returned to her questions which did not find its answers yet, so she hoped to get it in the coming days.


                   Be continue 

The End

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