Confessions Of The Zeitgeist KillerMature


What you are about to read was recorded by a psychiatrist who wanted to understand the psyche of one of the most enigmatic killers in the history of the world.The psychiatrist wanted to find out what propelled the killer,a young man of twenty-six years old,hyper-intelligent,attractive,to devote two years of his life to a murder spree.There were certain elements that just did not add up to what a serial killer was thought to be by the mainstream science.The forensic psychiatrist had to be very careful so as not to fall into the killer's argumentation : for when you stare into the abyss,it also stares at you.I hope you will enjoy the transcript of the conversations made between the two about the 'zeitgeist issues' that the killer embraced in his twisted ideology.


Chapter One : Let The Game Begin

An interrogation room.Mark Nowak,the psychiatrist I have mentioned in the prologue,is preparing for the most enthralling task he has yet to face : to decipher the mind of the 'Zeitgeist Killer.' His list of questions is based upon the murders the killer has perpetrated.Nowak,the psychiatrist who has had more than a fair share of interesting experiences,both in his personal as well as vocational lives,can tell that this time is going to be somewhat different;it has been tough to get to Zeitgest,many mental health professionals have wanted to get to him – he has become like a celebrity not only among the common folk(where is the fun in that) but,most of all,among individuals who are supposed to be an embodiment of sanity.

Zeitgeist has already been prepared for an interview;he has sat in his chair,shackled.Mark has entered five minutes later – after being briefed about safety procedures.With a mixture of excitement,aggression and fear,Nowak has gone inside.He has eyed the killer for around two secends after which he has sat in his chair.

'Hello,Paul,'said the professional,eyeing his will-be interlocutor carefully.'I came here to discuss what caused you to metamorphosize so rapidly.'

'Hello,doctor,'said Zeitgeist.'I can already tell that to you I am an embodiment of a nice guy who doesn't seem to be capable of such gruesome actions.Your question is somewhat convoluted and it's not easy for me to answer it in one sentence.It would be better for you,doc,if you focused on specific details.I'm sure that you've got more than enough of them.You are well-prepared.And,by the way,call me Paul.Paul Holy.But you know that,of course.'

'Yes,I do know that Paul.And I'm not here to play smoke and mirrors game or to judge you.Under the rules of the society you're in,you've been punished,in their understanding,for your crimes.I came here to find out what drove you to becoming so pronounced,if you will,in your beliefs.That's all I want,no judgment,nothing.You can call me Mark,by the way.'

'Yes,Mark.I do see that you're not here to play games with me.I'm a good judge of character,even though you could be my father.Had someone else come here, I would have been less willing to talk but you seem to be open…just make sure you don't get too open.'

'Mark,I've compiled a list based on your…'

'Killings.They are killings,doc.Let's not evade that definition.I won't get offended.Don't worry.

'Very well..killings.Each killing had a very special modus operandi to it but each one was connected by the same thought pattern,am I right?'

'Yes,Mark,you're absolutely correct.There was anger and the need to convey a message by a person cornered by the society of insipid entities on one hand.On the other,Mark,there was boredom and the superficiality of existence that we ,humans,created for ourselves – by ourselves.'

'So…the underlying principles was the concoction of these factors,so to speak,whilst the action per se was just a tool to achieve the latter?'

'Very good,Mark.That's exactly it.'

'Great.Let us go over each case,shall we?'


'Ok,so we'll go over this in chronological order.Is that ok?'

'Yes,let's go Mark.'

Chapter Two :Euthanasia

'Paul,tell me.You killed a young man from the pro-life movement.His organization wanted,and it continues of course,to eliminate euthanasia at any case.Could you tell me how did you plan the murder and what did you feel before,during and after the man died?'

'With pleasure,Mark.I had all that a person like me would want to have : time,money and solitude.My life was perfectly alligned,I had all I wanted to have.I was successful.All that superficiality of material life is so pathetic,Mark,I had all of them wrapped around my little finger.It was so simple;all I needed was the circumnavigation principle.'

'That principle…what is that?'

'Mark,it's like by-passing the society to get where you wanna be.You see your aim and you see the pattern in which you can attain it without playing with the rest of the sheeple by avoiding their mistake : getting somewhere by repeating the pattern that was already there.You see whole,so you are able to get over the old paradigm,Mark.As Fuller said : don't fight but make the existing model obsolete.'

'Interesting.So why did you target that specific individual?Was there something else apart from his role in the society?'

'Yes,Mark.He was very arrogant and self-righteous.And from where I am sitting it is a very dangerous concotion : ignorance and arrogance.Actually,Mark,every zeitgeist issue is very much a derivative of the former and the latter.'

'Can you elaborate what is a zeitgeist issues to you?

'Sure.It's like we're in this society now,right?This society has been evolving throughout the centuries and now,now we're in the times of relevation.Now,I don't mean that this is some religious ****,what I'm talking about it that many issues that have been swept under the rug for centuries are now coming to light,fighting with each other.That's great but their evolution is sometimes warped.That's where I came in.And make no mistake:I allowed myself to be captured.To prove a point.'

'Paul,when you targeted someone,was it personal,filled with anger,or more like a coldly calculated designed to fulfill your agenda of conveying a message to the world?'

'Nothing personal,Mark.I didn't target everyone out there,just total radical-like ****.They were dangerous and needed to be eradicated.'

'Do you believe that everyone has a right to say and do what they want,Paul?'

'Yes,absoultely.As long as there is no free-will infringement.'

'So wouldn't you say that…'

'I know that you're gonna say.That I'm a hypocrite.No,Mark.Nobody's perfect.We can cut ourselves some slack later on but now violent action was necessary.This society is to fragile to allow for idiotic radicals to gain popularity.Besides,they were imposing their views on others : and when that happens I am obliged to act.Think and do whatever you want but if you do impose it on others,and I targeted only those that I knew were imposing their tenets on others,if you force someone to do something,it is against my conscience.Even though conscience is a social more,as well.But not everything is wrong with the society,Mark.'

'Wow,many lines there…no I was not gonna suggest that you're a hypcrite but nevermind that.Just a thought,how do you think anything changed after you killed those people?'

'The very fact that you're talking to me now,Mark.It should tell you something.'

'True.Let us delve into the act itself.You killed each person by what they stood for – you used it against them.Could you describe for me how did you feel while killing the person in question and what method did you utilize to do it?'

'Of course,Mark.I felt great,I was calm and I felt like I was fulfilling the mission I knew I had to fulfill.I knew I was not a by-stander anymore but I would leave an imprint.And I did.I killed him via suicide machine,designed by doctor Jack Kevorkian.He had a painless death,something which could not be said about many people that he prevented from dying in pace,despite their condition and despair of the families.'

'They got the message,then.'

'Yes,Mark.They sure did.'

Chapter Three:The Draft

'Paul,now we're gonna talk about something you particularly despise,as far as I could discern from the crime scene.This was the most gruesome of your murders.Am I correct in assuming you held a special grudge for this one?'

'Oh,you're damn right,Mark.The draft thing.'


'Damnit,you're male,doesn't that piss you off?'

'Paul,I won't answer anything because we agreed to talk about you.My views are irrelevant now.I'm only trying to propel our conversation.'

'Understandable,Mark…understandable.Anyway,so there was this whore,a feminazi,and she campaigned for all males to go into the military,regardless of their mental or physical status.This pissed me off big time,Mark,big time.She had to die and die she could remember.'

'So you kidnapped her and sent her to experience some minefields.'

'Yeah,Mark.I'm a militant pacifist.I don't attack unless provoked.And she threatened my freedom – directly.I had to teach that **** a lesson.And you gotta admit,Mark – it was a hell of a view.'

'Well,no doubts here.Could you tell me how did you plan this assault and did you interact with that particular female?'

'Oh yes,Mark.Very much so.I would never touch her,don't get me wrong;the mines took care of that.All I did was to tell he what was her fate and what did she do to deserve this.See,Mark,I don't target Does down the street;when I target someone,there is a reason for it.I am not a **** psycho to go around killing defenseless people for kicks.She was anything but defenseless but when I got her to my van it finally paid.I told her about her crimes against humanity,about how she is a psychopath and a whore,using the societal programming of the blue/pink syndrome to make males kill each other while females cheer – I showed her how **** up that is,how manipulated both genders are!I had to play the game for a second,though…otherwise she would not understand my…grievances.She deserved to die.She would gladly occupy a guard tower at a Nazi concentration camp.And now,one less scum in the world.I hope you liked here guts,doc.'

'She was only fifteen, know,a child..'

'Doc,doesn't matter.She was intelligent enough to understand the consequences of her speeches.And damn,I felt great afterwards.Although the view was disgusting.But the publicity…yeah,the media suffers from the 'white girl kidnapping' syndrome.I don't wanna brag about the causes of it ,'d have to spend five years with me.'

Chapter Four:Racism

'You killed a person accused of racism as well,Paul.'

'Yeah.His death was quick and nothing interesting.No more to say.'

Chapter Five:School Shootings

'At first I thought that you also eliminated…'

'Yes,Mark,and you were mistaken.I eliminated a person who dubs all school shooters 'nuts.It is typical of this society of the mainstream.A lone nutter.No questions,no explanation.So I killed him with a nutcracker.Simple and effective.'

Chapter Six:Nationalism

'Waving your flag around is pointless,doc.It very much interrlates with certain features that can be observed in the reptilian brain.But a flag plus guts is a great combination.Maybe even more gruesome than the minefield lady?'

Chapter Seven:Clever Phd's

'I've noticed,I mean it was hard not to,that you talk a lot about some subjects and almost nothing about others.Why is that?'

'I see your list,doc,and I want to proceed to the ones I think are the key ones.The ones from which everything else derives.'


'Well,about clever Phd's and their syndrome…Mark,they are just another brick in a wall and they claim to be enlightened above all else…they are conditioned to believe that due to the fact that the system told them so.It is just **** up,Mark.No intelligence involved,just papers.Fortunately,there are exceptions to those repeaters.'

Chapter Eight:Choices in life

'How often do you get a chance to really choose what you want to do in life,Mark?I just thought that someone had to be reminded of constraining others.You know the rest.'

Chapter Nine:The unexplained

'People that condemn something without investigation need to be reminded of their ignorance,Mark.And this is what I did with this one.The so-called skeptics were reminded of their ignorance and impeding the development of others.They had it coming ,Mark.They had it coming big time.'

Chapter Ten:Giftedness

'Paul,compared to the general population,you're obviously a gifted person.A profoundly gifted one.Despite what you did,which I dare not judge,you really have many things going in your mind.I can understand your frustration and the need to act as the only possible except self-termination.You probably thought that you'd be gone anyway so why not make your death a meaningful experience?'

'Very good,Mark.You definietly know how to assess people.But,again,that's why you're here.'

'Tell me,Paul,you killed a ministry of education for not allowing the gifted program to be developed more thoroughly.I can imagine why you took a course like that,but I'd like to hear it from you.'

'Well,Mark,I believe than an argument where you shouldn't have schools for the gifted because then you'd have to make schools for the tall,et al,is just preposterous to say the bloody least.I mean,giftedness relates to the fact that someone,based on the circumnavigation principle I have mentioned before,is able to see the pattern before others even realize what the word 'pattern' means.Then,such people are shunned for being better.Again,being better is wrong,being too far behind is wrong.Be within the spectrum considered as average.Most people,therefore teachers,come from the same social standpoint as most people on this planet.No wonder,then,that the gifted,gifted by comparing them with the standard person that is as everything has to be measured in context,are considered 'out of line.' Very often,if not bloody always,people that consider them to be 'out there' are themselves very limited and cannot stand a thought that someone,a student more specifically,can discern more than the teacher.It is pathetic,it really is,because humanity is not doing anyone a favor by acting that way;they are actually inflicting self-harm upon an entire civilization.No matter what creed or tenet you hold,the consequences are ecumenical.That is why I wanted to make a point.And hell,I did.'

Chapter Eleven:Jails

'The jailing system,doc,now that is a travesty.It does not make sense at all but the level of civilization's can be measured by a way it deals with its criminals and ,indeed,if such a term exists at all.'

Chapter Twelve:Concomitance

'Doc,it's interesting whether the time loop operates within certain parameters or whether it covers an entire existence.It is elevated,I know,but it is a phenomenon which is extremely tantalizing and hard to comprehend as well.It is not about the phenomenon per se but rather what comes with it.'

Chapter Thirteen:Cloning

'If someone wants to be cloned that is fine by me,Mark.What I could not stand is the creation of clones to be considered inferior by some religious fundamentalists who claim that the clones have no inner substance.So I pointed out a flaw in their logic.It was very entartaining.'

Chapter Fourteen:Sects

'I outwitted the witty as this is what they deserve.'

Chapter Fifteen:Limbostrade Versus Karma

'The law of karma needed to be rectified.I had to find the problem and eliminate it.It is a fallacy to tell everyone what laws govern the universe.This is simply incredibly arrogant as you claim you are a pangnostic.If they were,they would have predicted my arrival and saved themselves.And do not give me that philospher's razor crap.'

Chapter Sixteen:The 'Extremism Syndrome'

'Yes,Mark,some people need to conduct a reality check while others are too attached to their version of the latter.It is pathetic and I needed to show that a golden mean is the only sensible solution.'

Chapter Seventeen:Journalists

'They are called embeds,doc,in Iraq.I think you know why?I embedded one of them – as that is what they are good for.'

Chapter Eighteen:Social Norms

'The norms are a form of psychological nazism.Yes,doc,it is a crime against an individual,a crime that goes unpunished in this insane milieu where the Nazis flourished and are secretly admired but openly everyone is playing that smoke and mirrors game.'

Chapter Nineteen:Conspiracy Theories

'I have no problem with dumbasses who do not want to think,doc,as long as they do not interfere with others' judgment.And by dumbasses I mean the mainstream theoristis who can't get their head around some real issues instead of relying on a net of pathetic researchers who interencourage each other.Did you get that,Mark?'

Chapter Twenty:Freedom for Security

'People should think a bit if they want to be bound.Do they think that anyone is going to give them back their freedom once it is gone under false pretences?'

Chapter Twenty One:Unified Field Theory

'Hard to determine,doc.'

Chapter Twenty Two:Serial Killers

'They are just a reflection of our hidden collective psyche.'

Chapter Twenty Three:Sublimation Vs The Sublime

'Doc,think about it.Everything we do is sexually motivated.Here I do agree with Freud here.Even when you look at an advert inside a bank you will notice sexual overtones there.Moralists would,of course,deny it,but it is no wonder why people devoid of sexual organs are less enthusiastic.There is something in it ,doc and the only difference between the so-called 'aristocrats' and 'peasants' is that the former knows how to disguise their sexual urges as the 'sublime' whereas the latter does it openly.More than that,the former is very often more perverted than the latter.We were all peasants some time ago,after all,doc,and this whole division is kept in order to maintain the façade of the sublime – the façade which keeps us away from looking our real selves.We are afraid of it,doc,collectively,as we would see how childish and impotent we really are.I had to eliminate that prince in order to prove my point.Nothing personal,doc.Just a load of artificial nonsense to me.'

Chapter Twenty Four:Playground Bullies

'Oh,doc,how I hate bullies.When there is a school shooting,no one cares to understand the problem.Instead,shooters are ostracized,condemned.Maybe all those sanctimonious bastards,I stand corrected doc,they are in an absolute need of medical attention for their defensive wall syndrome.It is easy to blame 'those horrific monsters' rather than look as to what constituted their monstrosity in the first place.Again,doc,we would not want to look at ourselves,would we?I had to prove my point,Mark.Once more.I could not stand the bullies and I do believe,no,I do know that they deserve to be eradicated for they are deranged and anyone who condones their actions is an accomplice.If this society wants competition,they will have it – until they choke to death,doc.That'll serve 'em well.'

Chapter Twenty Five : The 'Shut up and live' syndrome

'Doc,we are thrusted into this world and we are expect to take for granted what they tell us.And yet some individuals have the nerve to say we're free.Well.I showed them real freedom,doc.In hell.'

Chapter Twenty Six : My language Is Better Than Yours

'Doc,it is so pathetic when one person thinks that they are better than someone else because they were born on a different piece of land or their language is considered to be more siginificant by God knows who.Also,this native and non-native speaker bias had to be eradicated.I tracked that arrogant nativist and taught her a lesson.American bitch.She was only twelve and did not deserve to live.She was an embodiment of the nativist arrogance.She had it coming,doc.She had it coming.'


The transcript above has been truncated by the psychiatrist involved in order to focus on the most significant parts that will help to create a viable profile.The 'Zeitgeist Killer' has been killed by lethal injection – witnesses present reported that he appeared to be smug and did not regret anything.His last words were ' I have fulfilled my mission.Your judgment is what I have allowed you to do to me.'

The End

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