Word got around quickly about Victoria and Alexis. Amora seemed happier than anyone else to see her sister happy again. Most people didn't really care. They were only surprised that Jason wasn't with her. Speaking of him, he grew more and more angry. He couldn't take the idea of Victoria with anyone. Well, anyone but him.

He couldn't believe it when she invited Alexis to watch House with them. It was House, was she serious? This was supposed to be Jason's happy time. It was the season finally.

"Why don't you go get us some popcorn, Jace?" Victoria asked, making a face that could probably get him to jump off a cliff. "It's a commercial," she coaxed.

"Fine," he mumbled and walked into the kitchen. He didn't here noise outside the door and walked out, leaving the popcorn. "Ah! My eyes!" he said putting a hand up to shield the view.

Victoria jumped at the unexpected noise and tried not to blush. Alexis rolled his eyes as he pulled away a suitable ways away from Victoria. Jason sat down, again. For the first time ever, he didn't care about what was happening on House. Next  commercial he heard Victoria get up and say, "I really want that popcorn. I'll go get it," she walked into the kitchen.

Following her like a lost puppy was Alexis, he mumbled something about helping her. Jason could hear everything. "So, where is the popcorn at?"

"I don't know, this stopped being my kitchen."

Alexis chuckled, "What do you mean?"

"Well, it appears that everyone else likes it much more than me."

"That's interesting. What's this?"

"That seems to be the popcorn," Jason could hear her smile. Is that weird when you can tell these things?

"Let's forget about the popcorn, okay?"

"Okay with me."

Jason gagged. He got up and walked into the kitchen, "Hey am I interrupting something?" He was, he found them the same way that her did a couple minutes ago, making out. He heard them groan. "Did you two get lost? Cause really it's right here," he said grabbing the bag. "Well, now that this is settled, let's go finish the episode." The all exited the kitchen, Victoria hit Jason on the way out.

For Jason, this whole time was spent watching Victoria and Alexis. Every once in a while, he would cough to remind them that he was still watching him like a hawk.

After the show was over, Alexis leaned over and whispered something in Victoria's ear. She smiled and nodded. Then she looked up at Jason. "I'm going to go, I'll see you tomorrow," she told him.

"You're leaving? To where?"

"Nowhere you need to know," Alexis butted in. "Come on, Vicky. Let's go to our secret place."

She nodded, "I'll be back soon, 'kay, Jace? Just stay out of it."

"Secret place? Yeah, don't think so." He thought he knew what that meant. He wasn't about to let that happen.

"Last time I checked, you weren't her father." Alexis walked out of the house, leading Victoria with him.

Jason chased after, "She 's not going."

"Yes, she is."

"Jace, stay out of it. You're not my dad. I'm old enough to make my own decisions."

"Well, you're not doing a very good job at it."

"You heard her, stay out of it."

Jason growled, he couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't stand this guy. As they started to walk away, Jason punched Alexis. He hit him back and before Victoria knew it, they were both fighting.

She didn't know who she was more worried about. "Stop it! Knock it off!" she pleaded, but neither of them would stop. She finally stepped in between them and they both backed up. She looked back at Jason. His head gushing out blood. "Crap, Jace. That better not need stitches," it didn't come out as angry as she wanted. It might have even come out worried. Then she looked at Alexis, "Are you okay?" she asked, trying to sound more concerned.

"Yeah, fine. I-I'll see you tomorrow, Vicky." The look in his eye told all.

She looked back at Jason, "Unbelievable. Am I not aloud to have a boyfriend?"


"I don't want to here it!" her eyes blazed. "I know that the world isn't the way you want it to be and you can't take it! I've let you control me for long enough. Now it's my turn to make the decisions. Funny thing is, it's my life. Not yours."

"Fine, you know what? Go ruin your life. Don't listen to me and you will end up unhappy."

"Screw you," was all she said. And that was that.

The End

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