Dirty Little SecretMature

Whenever anyone saw her, she was staring off into space and gnawing on her lip. Whenever you saw him, he was trying to make it up to one of the few people he cared about. Both absolutely confused beyond all reason.

Jason, though no one would believe him, has a way with words to convince people of things without them knowing. He was truly a lawyer from the start. He had convinced Esmerelda that he didn't mean it. That it was all because he was forced to drink a potion. That she was the only one that he wanted.

Victoria was never good at fitting things together. Se had strength, not so much brains. Really, you couldn't blame her, her life was pretty messed up. One thing that people have admired her for was her honesty. She could admit she was confused. She could admit that her sister wasn't so bad anymore. Amora was still irritating, though.

Everyone let it go. Well, almost everyone. One knew. One knew the whole and complete story. The mind reader. They stayed out of it, of course. Another didn't really get it. They were determined to figure it out, though.

"Amora, I'm not in the mood."

"What's up with you, House?"

He groaned, "I've got a lot on my mind."

"Want to talk about it, Jace?"

"No thanks, I'll keep it my dirty little secret."

"Come on," she prodded.

He shook his head.

She started to think, "Well, how are you and Essie doing?"

"Fine, really."

"Interesting. Hey remember the night you got bitten?"

He paled but his expression stayed the same, "How could I forget?"

"You love her."


"You love Victoria."

"That's insane, I'm with Esmerelda," he started talking faster and faster. He tried to defend himself but knew that it was no use.

"Doesn't mean you don't love Vicky."

He rolled his eyes and gave up, "Good job, Foreman. Tell anyone and you will die a slow and painful death."

"Stop calling me that!"

The End

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