Not My Fault! Well.... Kinda....Mature

"Day one of my survival," he mumbled. He knew exactly what would happen. Ever time he visited. He groaned.

"Brendon!" he heard in a sort of sing-song voice.


He walked to the clearing. He was already in a bad mood now. He couldn't let it show, though. He entered the clearing. The voices pouring into his head. 'Great,' he thought.

He knew he was noticed. He knew he wasn't liked. He knew Jason was right behind him. He also knew Jason was "Loopy" as he puts it. "Brendon!" he shouts.

"Hi, Jason," he sighs. "Where's Vicky?" he asked putting on his happy face. This was the guy that completely terrorized him since he had been forced awake.

"Whose 'dat?" he asked making a confused face.

He sighed inwardly, "Cuddy. Lisa Cuddy."

"Oh! She's in her office. I'm on clinic duty."

'Translation: Victoria is at home. Jason is in the clearing with people he doesn't really like,' he told himself. "Interesting."

"Yep! And Wilson is right there," he said pointing to him. 'Great, so I'm still Wilson.' "There's Forman," he pointed to Amora. "A nurse who hates me," points to Toro, "and Cameron isn't here."

'There's a Cameron? Not another- oh, wait a minute. Finally, my chance for revenge.' You see, every name Jason tends to come up with has something to do with House. If he says Cuddy, it means he is in love with a person he knows he'll never be with. She also owns him. Foreman is someone that annoys him but sill ends up being right, though he'll never admit it. Nurses are people he barely knows but still hates. Now that there is a Cameron, this mixes things up. Brendon knows what this means. He can't let this happen to another one.

"Wait, whose Cameron, House?" Amora asks.

Jason looked at her confused, "You don't know Cameron? She is in love with me."

"So, Esmerelda, then?"

"Who?" both Brendon and Jason asked at the same time.

"House's girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" he repeated. He didn't know it had gone this far. Then a thought crossed his mind. He smiled evilly. "Be right back." He walked into the forest. Walked back to Vicky's house. Knocked on the door. Dragged her back to the clearing. Now there was a new girl there. She was shorter than Jason. That was a rare sight. She had long black hair and beautiful green eyes. She was pretty all together, really. Right then, you could tell that this was Esmerelda. The new Cameron.

"Okay, why did you drag me down here?"

"You let the drug addict run free. I'm very disappointed in you," he said jokingly.

Victoria laughed, "I missed you."

"I know."

She rolled her eyes and walked up to Jason. She made him do random humiliating things, like she always did when he was "loopy". Brendon laughed from where he was. "Okay, we should get you home," Vicky finally said. "Say bye to the nurses and Forman." He waved excitedly. "Now hug Cameron good-bye." She obviously didn't know.

He made a face as if he was grossed out, "Icky!"

"What is?"

"It's Cameron. House only does that when he wants something from her." 'Oh. My. Gosh,' Brendon thought to himself. This wasn't good at all. "Furthermore, he is in love with Cuddy. Therefore," Jason grabbed Victoria and kissed her.

The whole clearing froze. Including Vicky. The after a second or two, Jason realized what happened and stumbled back in shock. He's back. "I knew it!" Esmerelda yelled and began to cry as she ran into the forest.

"What the hell just happened?" Jason asked.

"I-I don't know," Victoria answered. They all looked at Brendon. Had to blame someone.

"I didn't know."

"Coming from the mind reader!" Jason yelled and jumped on him. "You're a dead man Brendon Herondale! Dead man!"

They all made it home in one piece. Victoria forgave him. Said that he didn't know. Jason, on the other hand, didn't come home and refused to talk to him. This was supposedly his best friend and he blew it. Serves him right, really. He was asking for it. It was all is fault. Everything that happened today still is his fault. But, it was partially Brendon's fault too, not just Jason's.

How were any of them going to fix it?

The End

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