When Jason woke up he stubbled downstairs and watched tv with Esmerelda. "If people were meant to pop up out of bed, we would all sleep in toasters," he mumbled.

She laughed and handed him the remote. "You choose."

He flipped through all of the channels until he found his favorite show, House. "This is a happy time," he said waking up.

There was a noise coming from the kitchen. "Does that thing seriously still work?" Esmerelda said standing up.

"Does what?"

"Oh, there is this radio that pilots used to use. I have one in the kitchen."

"Well, I think it works. Let's go check it out," he said walking into the kitchen.

"H-hello? Hello-o?" a voice echoed.

"I think we all know that voice," he muttered and started to talk into it. "Hello, Amora."

"Jason? Oh my ..." the rest of the words were spoken so fast, it was impossible to decipher what she was saying. "Is Victoria there?" she finally asked.

He froze, "Vicky isn't with you?"

"No, she ran away."

He dropped the radio.

The End

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