Your Everyday VampireMature

Even though Jason was new, he had no problem butting into other people's business. His favorite is when no one knew what he was talking about except the person he was annoying. Toro and Amora seemed to be the best people to annoy. He liked the comment, 'Toro, are you aware that you smell like a wet dog?' which always seemed to make him angry. At this time is the point where almost no one liked him.

One day he walked into the clearing that just never seemed to be empty. He sat down at 'his' tree and watched everyone, making up his own comments every once in a while. Right when he was about as bored as he could get, a woman walked into the clearing. She had black hair, green eyes, and was all around, very beautiful. For some unknown reason she sat by Jason.

"So, what are we talking about?" she asked him.

"Something about this little werewolf girl who seems to afraid of me."

She giggled, "That's interesting."

"Yeah, I guess. Though, it makes me wonder if I need to shower or something."

She laughed again. "My name is Esmerelda."

"Mine is Jason," he said hoping he could pronounce that right. Up close he could see her fangs and figure out she was a vampire.

So, he finally found someone that he could make dumb little comments with through the whole conversation he was never in.

The rest of the day he stayed with her. In his mind, today was a good day, well at least until some guy showed up and tried to kill her. She ended up killing him and the rest of the day was wonderful, so he really couldn't complain.

The End

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