One MistakeMature

Remembering hurt, but he had to do it. What else can he do in the middle of no where while it's pooring down rain? He was worried and hungry, two things he doesn't handle well. He didn't want to leave Victoria alone after that, but he knew that he had to. I hope she's not hurt. He thought over and over again.

What else is up there to think about? He searched for a good memory. There was the one where his mom put a hole in the wall. He smiled at the thought. Now that she was gone, he had a hard time thinking about her. There were Valerie's stories, but she was gone to. Murdered. He shook his head. Not that either. He had it. Not exactly happy, but not terrible...

"When do we get the resaults, docter?" His mother asked.

"I'm not sure. We have never had a case like this. Your son is much different from the other boys."

'No duh.' he remembered thinking, 'Me elf, you mortal.' he rolled his eyes.

"Thank you, anyways."

"We'll be in contact with you, Miss Clyde."

The way home was silent. As soon as they got home he walked out the door. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To go find Vicky."

"I don't think so."

"Mom, I'm twenty, I think I should be able to come and go as I please."

"Not when your mother still takes you to the docter."

"You insisted on coming."

"Please don't go." She said using her puppy eyes.

"I hate it when you do that."

"We don't know how mch more time you have."

"Fine I'll stay."

He stayed until she was asleep in her bed. "Now I'll go find, Vicky." He mumbled to himself.

He knew where to go. They met there every night after everone was in bed. It was a dome of crystals that the moon illumanated.

"There you are." Said the young fifeteen yearold. "Glad to see you're not dead." Her dark blue eyes full of worry.

"Luckily. So have you been practicing?"

"Jason." She sighed. "You could drop dead, right now, right in front of me."

"I'm not going to die."

"I think you have, Teburculousis."

"Why would you-"

"I read a book over it." She bit her lip and looked down. "I need to tell you this, in case you don't survive."

"You know you can tell me anything. You have told me everything since the day you were born."

"Almost everything." She shuffled her feet nerviously. "I love you." She breathed.

He smiled, "I feel like a pedifile for saying that I love you too."

"We are both immortal, age doesn't matter. Your mom could be your girlfriend." She walked up and kissed him.

He wrapped his arms around her waste. Her's went around his neck. After they where there for bout fifteen minutes, he found his shirt off and her's half way unbuttoned. He didn't care.

She finally gasped and pushed back. "What was that?" She said paniced.

"Oh, crap. Amora probably followed us again." He said reaching for his shirt. "We are a bad example on the child."

"What, you mean her fifeteen year old sister making out with a twenty year old family friend?"

"It was going further than that."

She rolled her eyes. "I should go."

"Probably." He leaned down and kissed her good night, gently pushing back her long black hair. He jumped back quickly. "Wait."


"That's not your sister."

"Nope." Said a hoarse voice.

Pain flooded through his head, everything black. He heard Victoria scream. He felt unbarable pain coarse through his neck. He screamed.

"Then the three days of sitting in bed. Having Victoria's father chew me out. Us both grounded. If you count my mom crying when I wanted to leave the house." He recited.

"You aren't dead. I'm surprised." Said the beautiful teenager back in the dome. She reached up to kiss him.

He stepped back. "Listen, Victoria. We can't do this again."

"W-what are you talking about?"

"I mean I'm to old for you, and this is wrong." He lied through his teeth. He had to do this. The smell overwhelmed him. "I can't be with you."

"But, you-you said you loved me." She said quietly and the tears foemed in her eyes.

"But, I don't." He said. "Probably the worst thing I ever had to say, and the biggest lie. And I'm talking to myself again. So, how are you today, Jason? Fine, and how are you, Jason? Fine."

The End

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