Epic FailMature

The cool breeze was barely barable.  Her sister should be in bed by now. She made her way to the familier home. Midnight exactly. She smiled. Perfect.

A glance at the dog told her she was safe. Now through the window. Everything went perfectly. The full moon guided her to the bed. Her sister peacefuly asleep. Not for long. It's not sportmans like to shoot a sitting duck. She drew her sword. The noise was  enough to wake up the fifeteen year old girl.

"W-what's going..." Her eyes adjusted. "Victoria? Is that you?"

"Good guess, little one."

"Oh, Victoria! It is so good to see you." She stopped. Perhaps remembering how Victoria treated her when they were younger, "Wait, why are you here?"

"I'm here to kill you. But, " She put her fingure to her lips, "it's a secret." The look on her terrified sister's face  made her smile. "Let's try and make this quick, shall we?" She put the tip of the sword to her trapped sisters throat. "I'm merciful."

"No, you can't do this. Ever since you ran away, we've been searching for you."

"You mean, so I can do the dishes and read until my eyes bleed?" She got close enough to her sister that there noses could touch. "No more, beauty queen."

"Please, don't do this!"

Victoria backup. "No, I think I will." Right before she ran it through, there was a blast of power. The sword flew out of her hands, it broke into three peices. One flew up and came near her. She looked down to see a shimmering peice of the sword dripping with blood. Her hand went straight to her head and a wet fluid covered it.

She paniced and jumped out of the window and ran back into the forest. Once back in her home she looked in the mirror. Right next to her eyebrow was a thin cut gushing out blood.

Victoria wanted to scream in pain, wanted to yell at her mistakes, but only cried at her failure.

The End

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