Confessions of the Dark SideMature

Victoria was hovering over her sword. Examining the perfect shape, edges, and gleam. "This is it." She whispered to herself. She knew what day it was, her little sister's 15th birthday. It was almost 10 o' clock.

Every breath Victoria breathed in felt sharp. Adrenaline pumped through her veins mercilessly. "Are you sure about this?" Said a familar voice.

She swollowed. "Of coure. We have been planing this for months. Now is the best time."

"Yeah, but, what has Amora ever really done?"

Victoria could see all the years flash before her.


"Vicky! How are you today?"

"I'm good, mommy. Are you still sick?"

"Yes, sweetie. It'll all be ok though."

Victoria squeezed her eyes shut. She remembered her mothers death. Her father had to of done it! She was so sure he poisned her while he was having an affair.


"Yes, father?"

"Your little sister was just born."

"But, you've only been married five months?"

"It was a premature birth. Now get back to reading."

She slid her fingures through he hair. Next was when she escaped to see her friend.

"There you are. What took so long?"

"Amora keeped asking me to play with her. She is locked in a closet somewere waiting for me to find her."

"So we have about an hour?"

"Yep. Now are we going to do this or not?"

"Fine. Get ready."

She laughed remembering all there sword fights. Then the night she ran away. It was her 18th birthday. No one remembered of course. She packed as many books as she could carry with some help of course. She packed what little of clothes and possesions she had. Then, she grabbed her mother's purpe amulet and her stone that was also her mother's.

"I've really kind of always liked her in a way."

"No I've got to do this."

The person sighed. "Ok, be careful." Then she was swept up in a hug.

The End

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